HitMap allows you to visualize exactly how users are interacting with your website.

Visualize Your Website Analytics

Discover exactly how visitors are using your website with heat map technology – then optimize your site to increase conversion rates

Heat up your website analytics with HitMap heat map software. When you can see what’s attracting visitors on your site – or what they’re missing – you can optimize individual pages to lead them where you want them to go.

  • How does HitMap Work?
  • What is Click Thermography?
  • How do heat maps help me?
HitMap knows what your visitors are doing on your site, How effective is your website?

How does HitMap work?

HitMap remembers clicks your visitors make, from menu items to internal links and the always critical calls-to-action that take them from visitor to customer. Those clicks are overlaid on your web page as a heat map, so you can see what topics, graphics and text are encouraging potential customers to interact with your site.

Installation is simple and places HitMap right on your website so you start getting value the minute it is installed. It was developed in a highly secure platform so that your heat map data and statistics are always protected. Explore HitMap’s features and discover how it can help you maximize your potential on the web!

  • What is Click Thermography?
  • How do heat maps help me?
  • How do I set it up?
  • How do I use it?
What are user heat maps or click thermography?

What is Click Thermography?

See what your website visitors think is hot (and what’s not) with heat map technology on every page of your site.

Click thermography tracks activity from your website visitors by taking note of their clicks and using this information to create a heat map. The more clicks that happen on a call to action, link, or other conversion point, the hotter it appears in your heat map.

With this remarkable technology, you can follow your visitors through their experience in order to improve it, just like a keen fisherman uses a fish-finder for a better fishing experience.

Learn more about what click thermography means to you!

How understanding click thermography can help your conversion rate.

How do heat maps help me?

Monitoring web traffic and understanding visitor behaviour can help you heat up your website traffic and conversion rates!

Finding success with your website is about more than just your search engine ranking and number of visitors. Effectively monitoring web traffic means understanding what your visitors are looking for and helping them get it quickly and easily, before they start looking for it on someone else’s site.

By seeing which elements of your site are clicked the most, you can make informed changes that improve your website’s design, content and flow to increase conversions, leads, sales, and revenue. You will see if your visitors think a certain title, or picture, should also be a link when heat spots appear on non-clickable parts of your web pages.

HitMaps biggest advantage is that it is just so easy to interpret. No messy statistics, just clear visual hot spots!

Simple Installation instructions for Hit Map on your website

Set Up is Really Simple

Hosted HitMap Account

Sign up for a Hosted HitMap account

Set your primary domain URLs and your site defaults. See the sign up section, find out which one is for you.

Login to Your HitMap Account

Login to your account through HitMap.com

Activate your account and enter in your webite and alias(es) information. Collect your javascript and go!

Add some Javascript

Add some javascript to your website pages

Just the same as any statics package you’ve used before, The only thing you need to do is to insert a small piece of Javascript code into the source of your website.

Use the Admin Interface at Hitmap.com

Use the Admin interface at HitMap.com

To start using the data from HitMap to optimize your website and increase your conversion rate by finding out how people want to use your site.

How to use Hit Map Click Thermography on your website.

How do I use it?

Discover exactly how visitors are using your website – then optimize it to increase your conversion rate.

HitMap works even when you are not logged in. (630) 350-0109 to your account to see what’s been happening while you weren’t looking!

Choose the primary domain URL you want to analyse, choose from pages of your website that visitors have interacted with. The clicks per page are counted so you can focus in on the pages with the most (or least) attention. The HitMap button opens your site with the heat map overlay that shows heat map ‘hot spots’ of where clicks occurred.

The redder the spot, the hotter it is – just like our logo!

  • What does it mean to me?
  • How do I set it up?
  • Try it on our Hit Art page.