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Stunksitzung- A piece of the Cologne Carnival

Contrary to popular belief, Europe’s largest economy, Germany is not all about work. Why is it then, that Germany is the European powerhouse? Well, truth be told, it’s because people work hard and play harder. While German car manufacturers are churning out some splendidly futuristic cars, ‘Dem Deutschen Volke’ definitely Continue Reading

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  #Epicor #EpicorERP #Epicor10.2 #Epicor10.2.300 #ERP #10.2 #GlobalAlerts #EpicorGlobalAlerts The global alert functionality in the Epicor 10.2 solution is a great feature to help users track certain activities within the application. Users will most certainly be impressed once they unlock the potential of this feature. Most people are under the Continue Reading

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Epicor ERP: Delivering distinctive spaces efficiently

Don’t let the phrase “ERP implementation” scare you. ERP implementations can, but don’t have to be a nightmare as long as you’re sure to stick to a few basic guidelines. Every one of our ERP projects have been different and has had its own challenges. But on completion of a Continue Reading

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Leveraging value from your ERP support and maintenance plan

  There is no doubt about the relevance and importance of ERP in modern business today but the cost of implementing an ERP cannot be ignored. ERP’s can be an expensive affair and you as business owners need to completely understand the return on investment before making that big commitment. Continue Reading

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Column Name for Error Rows in SSIS 2016

We all know that SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) is the ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Loading) tool widely used in many industries for data migration tasks. A SSIS package is the collection of Connections, Control Flow Tasks, Data Flow Task, Event Handlers, Parameters, Variables and Configurations. Data flow task consists Continue Reading

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Wie können Sie ERP nutzen, um Lean Manufacturing- Prinzipien voranzutreiben?

Aufgrund der großen Nachfrage habe ich beschlossen, den Lean Manufacturing Blog auf Deutsch zu schreiben, um unserem deutschen Publikum zu helfen. Ich hoffe du hast Spaß dabei. Wenn du die englische Version lesen möchten, klicken Sie hier. Jeder in der Fertigungswelt kennt Kanban, das Planungssystem für Lean Manufacturing und Just-in-Time-Fertigung. Continue Reading

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Go big or go home Most of the manufacturing world has gone global. Access to larger markets drives higher demand for products and as manufacturers grow in size, so does the complexity of running their business. However, the task ahead is not as dire as it may seem, as the Continue Reading

Solving the legacy puzzle – A look at mid-market ERP trends

Legacy can be a boon or a bane. Legacy systems are like a comfort blanket. You know them like the back of your palm. There is a lot of familiarity built in as well as a lot of customization to cater to various specific scenarios. Unfortunately, there can be a Continue Reading

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A peek at some evolving trends in the B2C start-up space

B2C is one of the fastest evolving technology spaces within the start-up arena since consumers today have a very short attention span and are also experimenting a lot more. Can you blame them? With the multitude of options to choose from, consumers are spoilt for choice. Additionally, we now find Continue Reading

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Today many fi­eld service organisations still rely on legacy systems and business processes when managing oilfield operations. Remote locations limit the visibility into field activities and manual processes impede efficiency, customer service and profits. Paper tickets and disconnected systems often lead to incorrect data entry and increases the likelihood of Continue Reading

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