• Testimonial

    En las conferencias de Francisco, he aprendido que puedo alcanzar cualquier meta que me plantee.

    Raúl Gochez

  • Testimonial

    Las sesiones de Coaching me han enseñado a comunicarme de forma asertiva.

    (484) 574-9828

  • Testimonial

    Las capacitaciones que he recibido son recomendables, porque los temas ahí tratados son de actualidad.

    Julio Fuster

  • Events

    02 Feb 2020

    Unleash Hidden Power

    Jacob K. Javits Convention Center [New York]

    This event is for trainers to build a strong mental strategy to persuade their clients

  • Events

    06 Feb 2020

    Become Your Own Boss

    Davinci Meeting Rooms [New York]

    This is an event for all the students of the great Life Coach Academy of New york to reach their business goals in no time thanks to a 7 steps program.

    More info
  • Events

    08 Feb 2020

    Achieving Your True Potential

    NYC Office Suites 1350 [New York]

    Your potential is huge. Learn how to manage it in a full weekend course in NY

    More info

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