You do not have anybody: chess invaded the catwalks and the streetstyle! In the photo above, you can see that A.Brand, Chanel and Vitorino Campos (from left to right) were some of the brands that bet on this pattern to create looks-desire.

How to assemble looks with chess

The chess is very democratic and although today is very associated with winter, is becoming more popular in the warmer seasons. According to the fashion and image consultant, Karla Alves, the print is also very adaptable and goes well in many environments. On more formal occasions should avoid use, only be advisable if it is a suit with classic chess . Karla suggests that day to day chess be worn in a comfortable look by combining jeans flare pants, with a black tank top and a blazer with the print. Also it is worth to complement the look with a sneaker and a medium size bag, ideal to load daily. Another option of look given by the consultant is indicated to use in an event nocturnal, like a ballad or a bar. Chess skirt , glittering racing and leather jacket form an ideal set for these occasions. Jumping and red lipstick help to enhance the look. To put on a very casual look, ideal for wearing on a Sunday, nothing better than a pair of jeans shorts and a plaid shirt . Complement with hat, T-shirt and boot.

The plaid print is not difficult to match, knowing how to coordinate colors, even with another print, chess goes well. Karla recommends using the print even at work. “Remembering that the more discreet colors are the ones recommended for this environment.” The accessories help complement the look and make it look more chic. Necklaces and scarves are the indications of the consultant Karla. The maxi necklace can be an important ally to give an increased look. Heels and good makeup transform the look into ideas for nighttime occasions.

The plaid dress is a classic that never goes out of style. The collegiate, grunge, cool and even elegant footprint of that piece made her a must have in the women’s collection. Depending on the complements chosen, it is possible to assemble various types of production, from the most delicate and elegant to the most rebellious and despoiled. Trend in all seasons, the piece has won definite space in the heart of fashionistas on call. Versatile and timeless, the plaid dress is a multifaceted item. Depending on the style of the pattern, it can cause a casual, sophisticated or basic effect. Available in different color combinations (B & W, red, green etc.), the piece provides different effects, pleasing the Greeks and Trojans. The most common types of chess are tartan, madras, vicky, pied-de-poule and Burberry. In addition, the diversity of modeling and length also makes the item even more democratic. Chess is a print that has always been very successful among the female audience, due to its flexibility: it can be worn both day and night, in all seasons!