Be the clinician that your
patient is praying to meet.

Our special expertise in residential addiction and mental health placement frees you to focus on your patient’s clinical needs, without getting bogged down by case management hassles.

WHY Lighthouse Network Exists

We exist to radically change the Behavioral Health System by demonstrating how biblical truths can be delivered through science and appropriate treatment models.


Bringing healing to the sick,
the struggling, and the least of these


Creating more affordable Christian
treatment residential options


Demonstrating God’s healing
power to our secular colleagues

Jesus came to heal the
broken-hearted and to
set the captives free.
– Isaiah 61:1

HOW It Works

  • Step 1

    Click the yellow button to
    join hundreds of other
    clinicians in our network.

  • Step 2

    We will find you a steady
    source of patients in
    your own ZIP code.

  • Step 3

    Earn extra income for online
    assessments of patients
    needing residential care.

  • Step 4

    We will help your patients
    get affordable Christian
    residential treatment.

Dr. Steven Silverstein

Alternatives in Counseling, Inc.

I love being a part of the Lighthouse Network. Recently, they helped my client get an appropriate Christian treatment option without a financial burden. The team’s experience in case management and expertise in residential treatment options saved me so much time and energy.
– Dr. Steven Silverstein

BENEFITS Of Joining Our Network


Expert Case Management
Connecting your client to appropriate residential treatment options for all insurance situations


Payments for Assessments
Compensating you for filling out online assessments of your patients that meet specific criteria


Discounted Residential Rates
Access to a vetted group of ministry partners that offers residential and rehab care at special rates


Marketing Consultations
Marketing services to set up and manage online marketing efforts (ads, website, etc.) for you


Complimentary Consultation
Gated access to Dr. Karl Benzio, a renowned Christian psychiatrist, and hundreds of other clinicians

Customized Google Ads
Complimentary Google ads for patients seeking help within 15 miles of your ZIP code

WHY We Exist

We want Jesus to be glorified as individuals renew their minds both psychologically and spiritually, achieve their God-given potential, and live fully transformed lives of freedom, forgiveness, and fulfillment.

WHO We Are

Lighthouse Network is a health care non-profit founded in 2003 by Dr. Karl Benzio, MD. A Christian psychiatrist, Dr. Benzio leads the team alongside David Hoskins, an expert in Christian treatment programs.


Through our 24-hour helpline, the Lighthouse Network connects patients seeking help for addiction and mental health struggles with outpatient clinicians or our 300+ Christian residential treatment programs.

Margie Negri

Pastoral Counselor, MA, LCPastC
Christian Family Counseling

This is the best package for any clinician or therapist who wants to focus solely on his or her patients. Lighthouse not only gets the word out to enable patients to find you faster, but also offers great clinical consultation for those patients who might need the extra help.
– Margie Negri


Joining the Lighthouse Network ensures
a great return on your money and mission.

  • Steady source of
    patient leads for you
  • Experienced case management

$50per year

  • Extra payment for assessing patients
  • Marketing and
    clinical consultations
Nathan Fears

CEO, Certified Recovery Coach
Fallen Leaves Recovery

I joined another association and paid dues to stay in network but never received the benefits that Lighthouse offers. While the former promised me patient referrals, Lighthouse gave that and also paid for filling out assessment of my clients. That alone is worth more than the annual fee!
– Nathan Fears