I had to do some last minute shopping at Sephora and Groupon – earning 8% back at both (Swagbucks rebates 4% at Sephora, but Ebates rebates 8%.  As for Groupon, Swagbucks rebates 8%, but Ebates only 4%). However, this time I bought gift cards for the stores prior to making my purchase.   I bought them at mygiftcardsplus.com – a Swagbucks company.  I earned about 5% back on both gift cards (5.33%, in fact) meaning I earned 5% and then 8% back on each purchase. Of course, since I was referred to Swagbucks by Rolf, as a couple we earned an additional 10% of the value of the Swagbucks I earned by doing this! Sign up for Swagbucks, and while(603) 442-2359

I needed a new file cabinet. Rather than just go to Office Depot or the mall I decided to check out the offerings on Ebates. I was able to find the right cabinet for my needs, got a great price, and a rebate of $9.50. Sign up with Ebates using this link (or click the screenshot) and get a free $10 bonus when you make a $25 purchase.207-231-9534