Leaders in Transformational Projects

We get involved with people who have vision; a vision of a better future for their community, region, enterprise or institution; a vision of growth and prosperity and a more successful future. These people take on dynamic opportunities that include a variety of stakeholders, innovative delivery approaches and complex risk management plans. These are Transformational Projects that prepare you for the future.

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Leaders in
Strategic Business Investments

We are a Saskatchewan company that understands our province. We pride ourselves in our ability to become trusted advisors to business owners and management, ultimately assisting them in realizing new opportunities and making decisions about Strategic Business Investments. We serve as a Business Development Partners, can source Private Equity and work with financiers on high-value projects.


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Oct 10

ScylliorhinidaeWe would like to congratulate Cowessess First Nation on their solar installation to their renewable energy site east of Regina!  McNair has had the pleasure of working with Cowessess over the last several years on a number of projects, including finance, procurmeent and project management expertise on this addition.  Congratulations!

Aug 22


Conexus recently unveiled their New Building Design as part of The College Avenue Campus Renewal Project.  McNair has been involved in the project for the past several years and are happy to see the renewal project moving forward.  Congratulations to everyone involved and we're exctied to see the development come to fruition!

Mar 15

McNair Presents the Aggregate Resource Manual at the SARM Convention

John Waller, Senior Project Director, presented to over 1,600 delegates at the 113th Annual SARM Convention today.  McNair has been working for the last several months alongside technical experts WSP Canada to develop a useful manual for RMs across the province, outlining best practices, strategies and templates for supplying aggregate to their communities in a time where supply is decreasing and demand is increasing.  Nice work John!

Feb 9

McNair Becomes ISO 9001:2015 Certified

McNair recently passed an external audit and have successfully transition to ISO9001:2015 from the 2008 version of the standard.  The standards focus on quality management systems and are designed to ensure that customers needs are being met by organizations.  

Dec 21


The MacKenzie Art Gallery has recently annoucned they will be making upgrades to their welcome area, including the development of an art gallery café.  McNair is pleased to have supported this project by working with MAG to develop a feasibility study for the potential of a café of this nature along with reporting recommendations and best practices from other art gallery cafés from across Canada.  We are looking forward to the opening in 2018!