Keywords Instruction

  • Quality Control

    Under a particular environment, the professional team works with accurate tools to make all-round testing and management.
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  • Packaging show

    To ensure cargo not be damaged during the transport, we work carefully to make the packaging both durable and nice look.
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  • Quality promise protection

    To ensure you experience our products and services risk free, eFiP warrants no risk in buying.
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Replacement parts and facilities

Replacement parts and facilities

Supply full set of replacement parts, repairment tools and machines for repairmen stores or factories of cell phone and tablet PC
Customized product and outsource service

Customized product and outsource service

Custom replacement parts and repairment tools; maintain cell phones; assemble parts and refurbish LCD.
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Let Us Help You

We know you are working hard. We offer one stop custom service for maintenance area, which can save both your
time and maintenance cost to win you time for your life.

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  • 812-559-6151

    If you own a maintenance store, you can join in seed plan of city partnership; otherwise you can join in spark program, in which you can share your profits or commission and exchange for what attracts you.
  • Full set of parts and tools

    We provide an one-stop sourcing and repair service with a wide range inventory covering from LCD displays, glass lens, digitizers, housings, flex, batteries, chargers, cable, adhesive sticker and screw to repairing tools and refurbishing equipments.
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  • Experience and market information

    We believe in sharing can make profit, so we are pleasure to sharing our maintenance skills and experience, sharing market information to make your work easiler.
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  • Share

    This is the access for eFixP to sharing maintenance skills, practice experience and commercial market information. It has listed out the most top popular skills info in recent days. If you have any other question, welcome to eFixP.
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