I'm glad we agree, Anita.

What color will you paint the kitchen?

Who am I going to eat lunch with?

The world needs talented people.

My dad is not fond of music.

Sanjay knocked tentatively on the door.

This is one of my favorite books.


I just need to see her.

He must finish his homework today.

All her motions were graceful.

This road should have already been completed according to the original plan.

"Whose dresses are these?" "They are Nabila's."

That happened on Park Street.

I'm having a party for my birthday. Do you want to come?


I don't work on weekends.

His death was a great loss to our firm.

I hear you'll set up a new company.


The quiet cat caught the mouse.

Danny was John's roommate.

It was a complicated question.

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I like the unique taste of salted caramel.


I knew that was her.

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At last he reached his goal.

This answer almost amounts to a threat.

This is some type of watermelon.

Be happy and smile!

How'd they treat you in jail, Vance?

I'm not accustomed to being in the limelight.

I'll be waiting for you at 2:30 in front of the school.

I think one of us ought to help Ron.

Donn hates shopping with Darrell.

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I'm sure this is only temporary.

Can I see a copy of the rules?

I have three weeks left until my departure, and so far I still don't have a visa.


Let's give him a minute.

Don't come out here.

Sergio has written three books.

It's good that the horse didn't suffer.

Derek won't know what to do.

The Southern Ocean is considered the world's most treacherous ocean.

I'm on Jerry's list.


Gypsy is considering joining the army.

He bent over backward to please his wife.

Now I'm mad.

Contact them.

Do it carefully. I don't like botched jobs.

I suppose you won't mind if I take one.

I'll tell you when you get back.

Mikey and Herb live in the same part of town.

I don't have any feelings for you.

They demanded that the company pay them more.

We already tried that.


I want her to do it alone.

Do you not want to know who has taken it?

You're so attracted to me.

We must keep up the family traditions.

What I want now is not money, but time.

Stop crying. You'll ruin your mascara.

I felt powerless.

Something tells me we haven't heard the last of him.

Congratulations! You won a free cruise!

Will you send someone to fix it as soon as possible?

"Shut the fecking music up and read the book." "I see my censor spell still works!"


No formal training is required.

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Rex was a monster of a dog.


Sorry, Mariou, I didn't want to get you involved.


Unfortunately, I can't come tonight.


Vic is mad about sport.


I prefer red wine to white.


I kept telling Sidney to calm down.

I should give him a chance.

I took it for granted that she would come to our wedding.


You've come just in time.


The news that she got divorced was a big surprise.

The best way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more.

Can you see how it works?


She said she was going to have her own way.

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However, the preposition+relative pronoun (which) part becomes a relative adverb (where).

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Juri saw Sanjay leave.


I don't want to see you naked.

Brazil became the sixth largest economy in the world.

I think we should help Lana.


The car is brown.


Who stole something from my bag?

How do you know how deep the lake is?

Lindsey can walk.

I thought you only dated girls who were shorter than you.

Do you recognize this key?


Turn off the light on leaving the room.

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Spass shivered convulsively.

Try not to be so tense.

I don't drink beer anymore.

I used to go ice fishing when I was younger.

He went to America to study medicine.

You're taking a big risk.

The gun is jammed.

When I die, let me be buried in my beloved Ukraine, my tomb upon a grave-mound high, amid the wide-spread plain.

This is the humorous variation of a certain proverb.

Giovanni liked teasing her brother.

Once the teacher organized a banquet and invited all the neighbors.


I was alone in my quarters.


The street is wet.

He was seized with fear.

Jeannette tried to get Rod to pay for his ticket.

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He spat on the ground.

He wasn't expecting to see you.

I'm never free on Mondays.

Celeste needs to get back here soon.

The committee members are all present.

His unique perspective helped shed light on the situation.

You're difficult to work with.

Does it ring a bell with you?

You'd better not swim if you've just eaten.

Roger Miller began writing songs because he loved the music he heard on the radio.

It's a good thing to be religious.

I have always wanted to go to Australia with my family.

The seat cushions were filled with foam rubber.

Carol came to my office on Monday.

You're right on the money.


While you are asleep, the bodily functions slow down and body temperature falls.

He saw a bulge in his pocket.

Nichael asked Nate what she really wanted.


He played baseball after school.

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I didn't want to tell you on the phone.

Another event that has the same behaviour would also be fine.

Don't deny the obvious.

Philip and Kathryn hit it off from day one.

I'm really happy I did that.

She's a very good swimmer.

This is a scientist who is respected by all.

They were friends.

Sergei stopped crying.


The boy playing the guitar is Ken.

The police arrested two men.

"Is this the first thing that you do in the morning?" "No, it's the second thing."

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I hope you don't have to do that.

Turkeer made it back in time for dinner.

I sometimes have pain in my stomach.

What does Philip expect in return?

I have nothing to be afraid of.

Will doing this make a difference?

You know it yourself: a man without any documents is strictly forbidden to exist.

I'm finicky.

There was nothing for me to drink.


A powerful spirit resides in the forest.

We're pretty excited about that.

Why don't you just fire them?

I don't know how to contact you.

Erik is planning on renting a house on Park Street.

I almost called him.

I want to thank you again.

You can take that with you.

Has Jacob ever visited Australia?

It's not barcoded.

His mother said that he had been sick in bed for five weeks.

We don't like to talk about Bob.

I didn't know how to begin.

They came rowing towards shore in a rowboat.

He is fond of adventure.

Where will you put it?

The tree was heard to crash to the ground.

The score stood four to two, with but one inning more to play.

Did you speak to him today?