Get to know me

I’m a super curious guy and made this website to be able to share my ideas and projects. I spend a lot of time working with software as well as electronics (prefer software over electronics though, as I have never electrocuted myself while trying to debug a code!)
I enjoy learning to use new and challenging technologies and LOVE drinking a good cup of coffee while praying to all 12 greek gods(Yes, there is twelve of them. Unless Alexa is lying to me, still don't know if I can trust these damn robots!) that my code would run without a problem.

Future Goals

  • Design for UX of websites
  • Create a smart home security system using gesture control and text massages
  • Machine learning/AI
  • Software Engineering and Design
  • Embedded Systems (more IoT)

Top Skills

Front-End Developer

Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithms and Data Structures

C++, Python and PHP

Top Projects

Name Description Language
LED Light Project A series of scripts made to automate the animations of LED light strips using a Raspberry Pi Python
Automated Code Tester An automated code tester that can be customized to test any two programs together Python
914-404-4340 A series of classes implemented in PHP that makes working with MySQL queries much easier. PHP
sand sucker An automated pill dispenser that notifies the users when they need to take pills using texts, and tracks their record and emails it to their doctors every month. Python