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Dachshunds have the perfect balance of just enough independence while still wanting to please their owner, most of the time. It's important for a Dachshund to have a hobby. He is very much a pack dog and sees you as his pack leader - pleasing you pleases the dog. I participate in many activities with my dogs and I think they enjoy them all. It certainly keeps them happy. Every morning, they seem to ask me "What are we going to do today?"

Dachshunds are one of the most versatile breeds. I encourage dachshund owners to learn more about the different performance events available. The AKC offers six different performance events for dachshunds to compete in along with conformation—Tracking, Field Trials, Earthdog, Agility, and Obedience and Rally. I have competed in them all with my dogs. You’ll never know what your dachshund is good at until you give it a try!

I currently have three mini-wires and co-own one mini smooth.
You can see photos and learn more about each of them on their individual pages. I also have a page for my daughter, Emily and the dogs she has had. I have links to recommended websites on my Links page.

I do not often breed litters, but when I do, my intention is to produce dachshunds that are capable of competing in performance events as well as adhering to the standard for conformation. The most important things I am striving for are dogs that are sound in mind and body. I DO NOT sell any breeding stock. Any puppies not kept by me are sold on limited registration with a strict spay/neuter contract if they have not already been spayed/neutered. I do not offer stud services. Puppies and young adults available occasionally. I am located in Central Wisconsin.

Above all, dachshunds are wonderful companions. The photo above is of my first dachshund, doing what he enjoyed most... taking a walk in the woods with me.

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