Glamour Shoots with Julie: Guilt-Free Glamour

Julie recently took some headshots for me and I was just blown away by how well they turned out. She did an amazing job with the photos, and made the experience fun as well. As an amateur photographer, I always struggle with lighting–but Julie is an expert at working the light, my headshots are bright, clear and professional-looking. I’m thrilled to be able to use them for my business. Thanks Julie!

– Ms. K

“Doing a boudoir shoot was empowering, fun and one of those bucket list things. I did it because I’m not getting any younger and wanted to do it while I still thought I looked ok and as a gift for my husband. I felt like a princess when Victoria was doing my makeup and during the shoot I was nervous at first but it was easy to get into the playful spirit, which is what the day was all about.”
– Ms. L

I had Julie take family photos for me last fall and when I heard she was doing boudoir now too, I booked a shoot so I could get an album to give my husband as a gift. During the shoot, Julie made me feel so comfortable that I felt like I was just hanging out with a friend. When I saw the final pictures, I couldn’t believe how great they turned out and my husband loved them too. Thanks Julie!!!”
– Ms. A

Glamour Shoots: Julie Goetzinger

I believe in the power of a picture.

I believe that an empowering photo session can reveal the truth about a woman who’s been brought down by the lies that she’s come to believe about herself. Little whispers telling her that’s she’s not beautiful, not worthy, and not brave, and that she shouldn’t be confident in herself. I believe in being that positive, resounding voice overpowering those whispers, helping women to love and value themselves as they are. I believe it’s important to reinforce the fact that beauty is how you see yourself, not how other people see you.

I want to change your perspective.

I want to transform it into a lifestyle of confidence in yourself. I want to empower you to embrace the reality of your own inherent worth and beauty, and give you the proof to look back on to help you get through those hard days ahead. You deserve to be pampered guilt-free, and that’s exactly what my experience offers. I can promise that the anxieties you come into the studio with will be met with a positivity that will put you at ease, and get you comfortable in front of the lens. You’ll experience what it’s like to feel empowered, and what it is to embrace the truth about yourself. You’ll leave believing that you really can be, or do, or have anything you want out of life. And on those days where that truth will get obscured with the stress of life, you’ll have an album filled with gorgeous images that will reinforce your beauty and value.

This is the transforming experience I offer in Glamour Shoots with Julie.

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