Why did you hit me?

Why didn't you stop?

She cheered for her favorite horse.

They were at the bottom of the scheme.


I want you to read this letter.

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You can't postpone the party.


It turned out fine.

Shai is quite a bit older than me.

Albert said he would come to the party.

Have you ever been to Nikko?

Ben wants Naim to use her imagination.


I seldom go to a library.


Knute had a dog on a short leash.

He's your son.

I think Kyu's doing a good job.

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Ken appears to be a friendly person.

The words above the door of the theater were one meter high.

What's our next move?

What can hunger strikes achieve?

I'm afraid your watch is two minutes slow.

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How long have you been here for?

When I tried to explain my reasons he simply became even angrier.

I couldn't afford to buy everything I needed.

Let's watch the game.

It'll get fixed.

Adlai found the keys he thought he had lost.

Are you going to tell me what happened?


He got the ball.

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Father is reading the newspaper now.

I left my toolbox in the basement next to the furnace.

Kanthan probably has an extra pencil he could lend you.


Toufic poured himself another glass.


They're going to give me an estimate.

I met them on Friday the 13th.

She ignores the fact that she is at fault.

Spike wiped Val's tears away.

She stopped smoking.

Have mercy on me!

I promise you I'll never leave you.

Can I get a minute with you?

He is handicapped by poor health.

The thieves divvied up the stolen loot among themselves.

We are going to visit Versailles.

I have to know the truth.

I've got time on my hands.


The party for Amanda has been canceled.

Tharen doesn't have that kind of money.

I am very glad that this sentence has so many translations already.

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He is famous as a scientist.

The work was very difficult.

I think he will come to our party.

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Claudia retired when he was 65.

The comic scenes in the play were overdone.

Jin did a great job tonight.

Marshall baked Lynn an apple pie.

Rajesh told me a few weeks ago.

A steamship is, without doubt, a city in itself.

Sales at the company zoomed thanks to brisk export demand, but profit did not keep up because of intense competition.

I'm not the only one who wants to go.

It's almost too quiet.


By the time Vinod got to the shop it was shut.

Stefan is expressionless.

Why are you cleaning the office?

At the market, the farmer is selling his farmer's bread.

Are you going to hurt them?

I love winter.

It's not that I don't like to have fun - I don't have time.


Jayesh bought a hot dog for Wendell.


I am interested in the study of insects.

Where did you say Liza was staying?

She's lost the plot.


I've been alone for a long time.

I know better than to quarrel with her about trifles.

"Roma" is an anagram of "amor."

Do you have another one?

In the past, Fletcher Fuel was approached by Japanese companies.

I have been here for two years.

Please let me see you home.

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It is easy for me to answer the question.

Whether you like Duncan or not is irrelevant.

It would be nice if I were a dog, it would be nice to be a cat, too. Peeing where I like, pooping where I like.

I thought we were happy.

Do you think it had something to do with Manuel?


Algeria is situated in North Africa.

Man can do what he wants but he cannot want what he wants.

Mr. Smith doesn't speak English, does he?

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I apologize for Harris.

You are my three best friends.

List is the only one who has a camera.

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The car started to pick up speed.


Chinese philosophy is the best.

I'd never done this before.

It took a lot longer than I expected.

All the workers ate a quick lunch at their desks.

It is no wonder to me that Gendou has something to do with.

There's no sugar in my tea.

Carter's smarter than you, you know.


The friend who I thought would pass the exam failed it.

She didn't turn up after all.

Jem sang to Maria.

She has a husband and two daughters.

Can you extend your holiday by a few days?


Why are you so insubordinate to your boss?

Norbert will be out of town next week.

Dieter said that he'd never seen anything like this before.


That girl isn't dumb.

I had a chat with Sandra.

Allen probably thought I didn't know who he was.

No one feels like fighting.

She communicates well with her teachers.

I need another piece for comparison.

I tore the picture out of the album.

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I think that's undeniable.

Kazuhiro got wet to the skin and caught cold.

I'll get them to drive you home.

Jeany is a professor of Chinese literature.

A cat always lands on its feet, even if upside down when dropped.

That's no secret.

You look determined.


It's the house where I was born.


Be careful. It might be a trap.

Nobody understands me.

I hope they aren't deceiving me.

Vincenzo slumped in his chair.

The wall is 27.5 meters long.


I was in the hospital for a few days.

I was taken by surprise.

I'm loyal.

Where do you want to eat tonight?

It's not practical.


I like such sports as soccer and rugby.

They are filthy rich.

Many young people in the country long to live in the city.

I have forgiven him already.

All of a sudden, the door shut with a bang.

I have complete faith in them.

I recommend that you ask Griff.


I can't remember the last time I ate with my family.

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You're asking the wrong person.

I think we've got it figured out now.

He doesn't take vacations.

Belgians claim that French fries are not French but Belgian.

The company introduced Japanese methods into its business.


I have two sisters and one brother.

One must not be blinded by physicality.

Mayo spends most of his money on food.


The statue is carved out of stone.

Prakash has always been smart.

Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.

I took an English newspaper when I was in college.

We should have a game sometime.

I am not surprised you're so taken aback.

I'll be happy if you will come with me.

Will you help us?

Jochen had a thoughtful look on his face.


Don't give me any more trouble.

Does your head hurt?

Sylvan told me about Alexander.

Don't push. I'm suffocating.

We should wait until Marek gets here.

If you love me, you must also love my dog.

Paper catches fire easily.


Are the toes yours?