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Today at The Kettlebell Club?

Upcoming Mobility Workshop

10/6/18 - 4108842716

Want to know more about The Movement Pro Mobility Certification?

Mobility = Youth

So, the question is "How do I move better and improve my mobility so that I can stay young , pain-free, and athletic?"

Jay Armstrong will be conducting a one-day training workshop in the practical application of neuro-based mobility training. This training will help you learn why and how to counteract the immobility that comes from any repetitive training or from just sitting at a desk or in a car for countless hours each year.

If you want to become the exceptional athlete you were destined to be then this workshop is for you!

What you will learn:

  • The Movement Pro Basic Mobility Sequence
  • Joint-by-Joint Analysis and Rehabilitation
  • The Most Common Counter-Active Requirements
  • How, Why, and When to Incorporate Mobility Training into Your Current Activities.
  • The Brain Science Behind Mobility Restrictions


Jay Armstrong Straight Leg Floor Mobility   The Straight Leg Floor Mobility Sequence for Improving Hip Range of Motion

Sign up early! Space for this workshop is limited to 14 people and it is filling up fast.

Click Here for More Info on the Movement Pro Mobility Workshop...


Masters Breaking Clinic
Master Terrell Manasco and Master Jay Armstrong recently teamed up to present a one of a kind event -- The Masters Breaking Clinic.


Have you ever been curious how martial artists break boards and bricks with their bare hands and feet? The SECRETS were revealed in this 4 hours clinic! Tae Kwon Do and Kung Fu are two popular martial arts that are rarely seen together. Tae Kwon Do originates from Korea and Kung Fu has its roots in China. Tae Kwon Do is characterized by hard-style kicking and punching while Kung Fu is characterized by a focus on internal energy systems.

We are working on a DVD of this amazing event and hope to make it available to you soon!


Compromised Thoracic Mobility - This Century's Biggest Problem?

Americans are mutating into a race of seated, hunched-shoulder, neck forward, upward-looking creatures – completely devoid of the ability to move properly.  

Not only does sitting at a desk and/or computer create this problem and then make it semi-permanent but the American gym mentality that requires large pectoral muscles and a six-pack tends to work to shorten the front-side musculature at the expense of the thoracic spine and rib mobility. 2504943347

NEW! -- Z-Health rehabilitation and athletic enhancement
Jay Armstrong has completed the Z-Health Master Trainer program.

This modern system treats the body as whole. The Z-Health system acknowledges the body and mind as an integrated system that is controlled by the body's brain and neurological systems.

Call or email Jay now for more information about this AMAZING (yet simple) way to improve your performance and reduce chronic pain.

Jay recently held an "Intro to Z-Health" mini-clinic. Attendees were astonished at the magic of "Z". Here's what one athlete said:

-- "I got a lot out of the clinic and am learning the warm-up sequence and plan to do it every day. I have my wife doing it as well and she has found it to be eye opening. ... I appreciate the knowledge and experience that you bring to the table." J.E. 3/15/10



Kettlebell Training

Individual instruction
Jay Armstrong offers a limited number of 1 on 1 private kettlebell instructional sessions. Find out more about Private Kettlebell Instruction in Houston

The Kettlebell Club has classes many days of the week. Get your workouts in and receive instruction at the same time. What's on tap this week in class? Get to the next class and find out!  View Houston Kettlebell Class Schedule




Check out our
Ask the Movement Pro Videos...

We have MANY short videos to provide you with your own private tutor on subjects ranging from Kettlebells to Tae Kwon Do to Pushups, and MORE! 530-923-8056

What is Z-Health? -- The System That Eliminates Chronic Pain and Improves Athletic Performance

Jay Armstrong is a Master Z-Health Instructor. In this simple-to-read book, Jay shares the principles that you can use to improve your athleticism and eliminate pain.


How is this possible? Because, the brain is in charge. Provide the brain with the right input signals and it will reward you with greater strength, better balance, and reduced pain.

Check out "705-862-1290". Available in a wide variety of formats on

Tae Kwon Do Essentials: 7 Principles for Mastery

Master Armstrong's book, TKD Essentials is available in a variety of formats. A lifetime of study has been distilled to reveal the secrets for developing TKD excellence.

This is not just anotss list of techniques, but raher book showing the endlether you will learn how to practice to more rapidly master the art.


Now on sale!

In print on Amazon


In Kindle format

What is the
Kettlebell Club?

The Kettlebell Club, located in Houston, Texas, (in the League City area) is home to the fitness phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. Kettlebells are the alternative to aerobics, gyms and fitness clubs. Kettlebell exercises work the entire body and strengthen joints, tendons, and connective tissues. Instead of isolating muscles with exercise machines that frequently lead to injuries and fail to provide significant practical strength gains, Kettlebells will help you become strong, fast, mobile and develop unsurpassed endurance!

Level 1 Workout Video
If you are new to kettlebells and want some simple workouts combined with point-by-point assistance with technique -- LOOK NO MORE!

(607) 292-7427

Here's what one athlete had to say about Jay's Level 1 Workout Video:

"I took a private class with you a few months ago and my wife bought your workout video for me as a gift not to long ago as well. They represent money well spent. I have been involved with olympic style weightlifting for 9 years but I gotta say since I started incorporating kettlebells into my workouts it has added a new, fun and interesting dimension to things. Just the swings and getups alone will kick you in the butt! I also like the fact that you can continually work to improve your technique so it gives you a lot of things to think about." -- M.C.

(970) 652-4380

Jay's Z-Health Journey
I was sparring with one of the students when I heard something tear during a kick. I was talking to the doctor after the surgery when he gave me the bad news.... 9133776237

Quote of the Day
"I am not a patient person. Kettlebells are the fastest way I know to shed fat so I can look good in a bikini." -- A.R.

Want Kettlebells?
We have a large inventory of Ader and Dragon Door kettlebells here at The Kettlebell Club. Shipping costs for kettlebells are high. If you are in the Houston area -- you can stop by and pick up the kettlebells you need right here!



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