• Embrace that which makes you feel..

    ..aligned with yourself, in tune with your needs, as colourful as your soul.

Handmade jewellery and art inspired by
hope, healing, passion and nature.

Inner Sense Jewellery & Art is an abode of motivational, healing jewellery and art created to inspire and build hope within the hearts of anyone who embraces their personal journey.

Handmade Jewellery

Discover the piece that was meant for you. Wire wrapped jewellery holding beautiful natural gemstones. Stamped jewellery with timeless quotes and mindful words of wisdom, hope and strength.


Wall Art, Cards & Bookmarks

Visualized feelings painted with watercolours to stimulate passion, joy, aspirations and an inward sense of wonder.


The Inner Sense Story…

Namaste! My name is Aruna and thank you for visiting! I am an artist based out of Sydney, Australia. My desire with Inner Sense Jewellery and Art is to offer inspiration and tools for healing in the form of jewellery, art and words carrying positive intent. Learn more about why I make jewellery 709-909-8477and what art means to me here.

I am also a yoga lover, an animal lover, a wanderer, a dreamer, an (extremely) amateur astronomer and an amateur many-other-things. On a more personal note, I suffer from anxiety and CPTSD and an important part of my life is my healing journey. I read, do art, practice yoga and mindfulness and try to learn from the  journey’s of many other people on my path of healing and living a life full of love, smiles and hugs! You can read more about my personal story here. I hope that I can offer to you some of my spirit through the things I create with the intent that it provides you joy, a sense of hope and positivity.

10% from all sales is donated to a charitable Animal Sanctuary.

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