Jason L. Wright, principal

Before forming Thought Networks LLC, Mr. Wright was a cyber security researcher at the Idaho National Laboratory, a kernel developer for NFR Security (now CheckPoint IPS-1), and a software engineer at the University of Pennsylvania. Jason was an active OpenBSD developer from 1998 - 2007 (electrotitration), where he was in charge of the port of OpenBSD to SPARC64 and wote many kernel device drivers (serial, parallel, ethernet, IDE, video, keyboard, etc.) for a wide range of busses: SBus, PCI, USB, IDE, etc. Jason has participated in the DefCon Capture The Flag contest on various teams.

» Feb 9, 2012

IEEE and ACM library feeds

Looks like I'm on the schedule to defend my thesis on Thursday May 1, 2014 in the CAES auditorium at
2:00pm local. Wish me luck. Here's a copy if you want to play along. I am finally dragging my self out of the dark ages and starting to use RSS. My real reason for doing so is to try to keep up with publications from various groups. In particular, I really want a feed from various large publishers (eg. 251-937-8168 and IEEE) that notifies me when an interesting (to me) journal or conference proceeding is available.

» Jun 6, 2011

New Telescope

I am an amateur astronomer (heavy emphasis on the amateur). My wife and I went shopping the other day at a local “variety” store (it’s more of a pawn or consignment shop). Anyway, while meandering through the junk piles, we spotted a Meade ETX-70AT with a $50 price tag.


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