She waited for her lover at the train station, but in vain.

The theatrical world of Shakespeare is just as infinitely varied as he believed reality to be; he excluded nothing whatsoever that occurred in human nature and bourgeois society.

I'm lucky today.

You always say that.

Benjamin behaved well.

He makes me feel appreciated and loved.

Homeopathy is considered a pseudoscience and is no more effective than placebos.

I didn't realize Doug lives here.

During the bubble, people dreamt of a life of leisure.

My credit card was rejected by the cashpoint.

The teacher gathered his students around him.

He manifested his character in his behavior.

Darcy said nothing at all.

Close your mouth!

He showed him a bird.

I felt kind of sorry for her.

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What secret grief is troubling you?

That doesn't work for me.

I know exactly how to do it.

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We put off our baseball game for two days.

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I usually stay up late.

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I just want to keep things nice and simple.

Apply in writing.

The present perfect expresses the long span from past to present.


Anyway, it's not applicable to you

I wrote that for him.

One out of 455 women doesn't realize she's pregnant until the twentieth week of pregnancy.

I'm not too happy about that.

The door opened and Kuldip came in.

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In Soviet Russia, the computer uses the user!

The rain was preceded by wind.

She is being blackmailed by him.

You're just fine.

It's been three years since my younger sister got married.


I won't lose anything.

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We're all at risk.

Emily is English.

Claudia made a reservation for three days at the Hilton Hotel.

It's the least of my concerns.

Any paper you read will tell the same story.

Why would someone kill her?

He was refused medical treatment.

I made a list of people I wanted to invite to my party.

The fire raged and consumed the whole village.

You've taken the trash cans out.

He got all his information from secondary sources.

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This subject is just terrible.

That boy is a chatterbox.

My mother doesn't care for our neighbor very much.

He doesn't have any deep convictions.

The ceremony took place in the afternoon.


I'm not satisfied with you.


American singer Mariah Carey is known as the Elusive Chanteuse.

Please give me one more shot.

Two is the only prime whose successor is prime.


Try to get some sleep.

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The year stole by.


I've always wanted to be able to do this.

Are your speakers Philips or Samsung?

We waited for Sofia at the library for thirty minutes, but he never showed up.

The first one to the riverbank won't be drinking dirty water.

I'm all alone.


I think we'll find her.

"Calvin, hurry up." "I'm coming!"

People used to write books using typewriters.

The boy talking with Marvin is Don.

The street is decorated with banners.

What are people saying?

Your speech is not at all understandable to me.

She failed the math test, so she had to take a remedial class.

Darkness is the absence of light.

Dinner will be served at 6:30.

We were giving it all we've got.

My arms felt weak.

May I use this word processor?

Annard promised to wait.

Ask them to explain it.

They murdered her.

Roger has been doing a lot of stuff.


He likes sweets.


That's not helping.

If I had had enough time, I could have seen more of London.

The dog chewed off my boot.

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The decision was put off.

I want to have a look around.

Hold fire.


Leo sneezes quite often. He may have hay fever.

I missed seeing the film. Did you see it?

Dan and Matt continued to fight outside the bus.


It gave me an idea.

What are you telling me for?

Experience is when you discover something you don't want to discover.

There's no air conditioning.

I'm going to park the car.

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Is the club gay or straight?

Do you believe in the one holy, catholic, and apostolic Church?

It is silly of you to neglect your studies.

Does Australia have four seasons?

Liz seems to have made a big mistake.

I was pretty good at languages at school.

Let me show you something I found.


I wish I knew what happened to Morris.

How do you tell each other apart?

What's your favorite pun?


The store happened to be crowded yesterday.

I need a translator.

When in love, even pockmarks are dimples.

Your computer just beeped again.

Marshall threw the car keys to Gregge and she caught them.

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It doesn't really matter much anymore.

What style of furniture would you like?

Stand up when your name is called.


How much does a meter of that red silk cost?

Are you a bachelor?

I'm not finished talking to you.


I'll see what I can do, but I don't promise you anything.

I can talk for a bit.

Donn's talking to himself.

Please help me. I'm dying.

Ken's talks always appeal to us.

He is a dreamer.

Gerald is in a hurry to catch the train.


Is it that late?

That guy stole my wallet! Stop him!

Martha doesn't know whether Stewart is dead or alive.

The bus was ten minutes late.

What do you want me to help you with?

That's more than I expected.

Rusty can't see without his glasses.

I believe she's 40 years old.

The submarine can dive up to 300 meters.

Hang on everyone.

It was too risky, so I decided not to try doing it.

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We've been invited to a costume party.

Can one get something to eat in there?

Lack of money brought my travel plans to an end.

Suzy hopes that Dory will ask her out.

The reason I came to Boston is to meet the woman I hope to marry.

Keep an eye on my bag while I buy a ticket.

Try harder tomorrow.

Brian is still mad at Donnie.

Stephe is wearing a red sweater.

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Do you have one?

Guido lived in Japan for ten years.

You're unpredictable.

I decided not to try anymore.

Putting off till the day after, what can be done tomorrow, results in two free days.

Over-sleeping is no excuse for being late.

She is no less clever than her sister.

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The dog breathed with difficulty.


I told her once and for all that I would not go shopping with her.

President Barack Obama praised Poland as an example for aspiring democracies in the Middle East and elsewhere.

They skip school all the time.


What exactly will you be doing?

It doesn't matter what I think.

He told the children about his adventures in Africa.


Love isn't blind, it's retarded.


Triantaphyllos likes coffee without sugar.

Not before tomorrow afternoon.

I'll tell them you came by.

She tried to pull a fast one on me.

I later realized that Beijing people walk slowly.

The mayor denied having taken a bribe.

Have a good trip.

I'm older than you think I am.

We won't be talking about that at all.