Think before acting!

The jobless rate in Japan was 3.4 percent in September 2015.

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Dominic told Vadim he hadn't seen John in years.

Markus said he was going to stay up all night long.

It was just by accident that we met at the store.

June is no longer working.

He is possessed of a wide landed property.

It just happened so fast.

I'll see you in October.

Did you speak to them yesterday?

I made a dive for his knife.

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My dad saves some of his wages every week.


You and I don't think alike.

I've got to help them.

Listen to this song, Bernie.


Listen carefully, or you'll miss what he says.


Hein couldn't think of anything better to do.

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That would be humiliating.

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There was a deer in the road.

You're always making mistakes.

I wonder if Ben knows how to speak French.

I never actually saw Anne and John fighting.

Kate scared us.

A naked lecture conveys boredom ; tales help precepts get through.

We're going to do the best we can.


I forgot all about them.

They should be finished shortly.

I had my picture taken.

It's Wednesday.

The street which leads to the hotel is narrow.

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Both of you are right.

I have to get Marsh home.

They buy these goods cheaply overseas and then mark them up to resell at home.

She pushes me into the bushes.

The police can't find him.

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The car is turning left.

You're quite right to be concerned.

Everyone can speak French well in Tunisia.

I walked toward the park.

This desk is too small for me.


A long piece of thread easily becomes tangled up.

I thought you needed the rest.

I'm here with Leif.

I have told Bruno over and over again not to make fun of Klaus.

The teacher taught them that the earth is round.

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I am a very busy person.

Don't let him approach.

I didn't eat anything all day, in short, I have the hunger of a wolf.


Ji wished there was more than just one strawberry in his fruit salad.


It won't be ready.


Let me handle it.


He can't stop him.

He speaks incredibly fast.

When did you become a Boy Scout?

I know now.

Tessa is a good violinist.


Why is Clifford upset?


Please speak kindly to everyone.


You must not part with the ring.

Now, let's play some baseball.

Himawan thinks that everyone always notices everything she does.

Do you remember our first date?

I'll send you a message.

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If there's a cheap kanji dictionary in Japan, I will buy it.


Who's your favorite golfer?

There were errors.

Get me an ambulance.

I only use environmentally friendly sprays.

What would you do?

I just want to say I'm sorry.

Niall was driven out of the church.

It's three hundred miles to London, give or take ten.

It is a six hours' drive from Sofia to Varna.

Get up at once, or you will be late for school.

"That man is staring at you." "That man knows style when he sees it."

By the time I returned, the concert was over.

Don't force the child to eat.

You can see this easily if you put a straw into a glass of water.

Sorrel couldn't have known what had happened.


The guy had a gun.

I think it's time for me to make some new friends.

What a pain! It's almost 7p.m. and I still haven't finished the chemistry for tomorrow.


Anne said that there were others on the island, but I haven't seen anyone else yet.

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Marco's house is very big.

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His conscience pricked him.

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Is Nora attractive to you?

Barring anything unforeseen everything should turn all right.

We should ask Ron what he thinks about the situation.

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Elisabeth knew something was missing.

You can't let him go outside.

Ah-you've gone all red. Riku - that's so cute!! Ha-haha.


Dan was amazed by Linda's transformation.

How can I make a long-distance call?

We refer to this city as Little Kyoto.

The gate opened all by itself.

I don't feel up to it.

Alfred said that he thought Naomi wouldn't want to visit the place where her father had committed suicide.

Charlie got kicked out of the bar.


I'm wondering how long $100 will carry me.

We're all booked up at 6:00.

What you said is right in a sense, but it made her angry.

I had a terrible dream.

She called me very late last night.

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My parents would repudiate my brother if they ever found out he was gay.

We've made a deal.

You just need some coffee.

Even though Peter begged Kiki not to go, she left with the children and went to live with her mother.

Bart deliberately fed a false rumour to the town gossip, just to see how quickly it would spread.

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The land became a village.

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Today, I turn twenty-five years old.

Ritalynne doesn't look much like his brother.

Mike eats out almost every night.

Do you have a sister, Juan?

Roman knows something's going on.

My parents weren't very rich.

I still don't speak French very well.

The ship made slow progress against the strong wind.

Every child needs someone to admire and emulate.

Isolation is the common lot of man.

Lui got back in the car.

Brandi is a good chef.

The post office is down the street. You cannot miss it.


A cloud floated across the sky.

Police are urging people not to pick up hitchhikers as they search for two prisoners on the run after escaping from jail.

I can take a rest.


Hans accidentally put Plastic's mobile phone through the wash.

That's a problem we have to deal with all the time.

It was a little disorienting.

I wasn't expecting to hear from you.

Why is Adrian late?

Gerald's idiosyncrasies take a bit of getting used to.

I'll run over there later, in my car.


Give me your address.

I'm expecting a call from Cindie.

This morning I got up earlier than usual.

Ralf is terminal.

I am from London.


I need to check things out.

After twisting your body, squat down.

Where were you three years ago?

Can they die?

I don't even know which one is which.

Riding across Montana, the cowboy said, had left his horse plumb worn out.


You need to put a period at the end of a sentence.

It's incredibly boring.


A green banana is not ripe enough to eat.

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I think you know the rules.

Esperantists are our friends.

What does the word "get" mean in this sentence?

Novorolsky came home very late.

It's because I was asked to come that I'm here.


Please close the door.

I would like something to read.

It is very dangerous to jump aboard the train when it is moving.


Travis is going to have to do that.

Moe won the gold medal.

It's time for pizza.

I can hear you, but I can't see you.

Edmund tried to leave.