Welcome to my personal web page. I am a computer scientist who finished his master, went to Japan for four months and started working in the games industry currently employed at TheraBytes. Feel free to browse through my current and previous projects.


Best Overall

Gamification Hackathon Erlangen 2017

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Unreal Engine 4 December 2016 Game Jam

Breath of the Wind

Unreal Engine 4 November 2016 Game Jam


School Project in 2007

Sectre Meltdown

2018 Tech-Talk about Sectre and Meltdown

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Developed in 2015 at the ulm university, CaPI enables business process injections at runtime.

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Best Project

The Convenda system, developed from in 2015, manages job applications at the ulm university.

GML Writer for yED

The GML Writer enables to export jgraphT to a yED compatible format. The writer is currently in development.

Desktop Ink

School Project in 2009. Draw on your screen during presentations.

Master Thesis

2016 - Evaluating Domain-Driven Design for Refactoring Existing Information Systems.

Bachelor Thesis

2013 - Hand Gesture-based Process Modeling for Updatable Processes (using the Microsoft Kinect).


2015 - ColorSnakes is an authentication mechanism based solely on software modification which provides protection against shoulder surfing.