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It's not about buzzwords, it's all about your business – how you manage it day-to-day and how you grow it long term. That's why the CASRO Annual Conference is so popular each year with senior executives from companies throughout the business intelligence space. Join us for this rare opportunity to discuss critical industry and business management issues and the chance to explore new opportunities.

Always known for providing events of the highest quality – with expert, objective speakers at a premier venue and top-notch food & beverage – this year's edition at the spectacular Stein Eriksen Lodge will not disappoint. Breakfasts, lunch, dinners, book signings, breaks and cocktail receptions are included with your registration and make this an unsurpassed value in the industry.

Don't get lost in the circus atmosphere so common at industry events. At CASRO, you have the opportunity to have candid, quality conversations with decision makers at research agencies and other leading firms in the business intelligence industry.

There will be plenty of networking activities and you won't be sold to from the podium. Each session provides expert advice and valuable perspective from practitioners and business leaders from within the industry and outside it.

Learn about and get peer perspectives on:

Expert, Objective Speakers
Among those scheduled to present on this year's program, include:

Ryan Smith


J. Walker Smith

Executive Chairman
The Futures Company

Michael Smerconish

TV Host, Author, Columnist

Steve McKee

McKee Wallwork + Company

Martin Ford

Author, Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future

Nikki Stone

Olympic Gold Medalist,

Erik Qualman

Author, Entrepreneur

Carolyn Galvin

Primary Intelligence

Eileen Campbell

Chief Marketing Officer,
IMAX Corporation

Sarah Simon

Director, VOC Consulting, Americas,

Scott Miller

Vision Critical

Merrill Dubrow

President & CEO,
M/A/R/C Research

Funda Whitaker

Senior Director of Strategic Research Services, MaritzCX,

Jacci Weber

Manager- Consumer Insights,
The Wendy’s Company

Dan Womack

Senior Manager, Head of Insights,

Scott Tilford

Consumer and Market Knowledge Senior Manager
NA Tissue, Procter & Gamble

Tyler Kettle

Senior Consultant, Client Research, Market Research
IBM Market Development & Insights

Paul Warner

Vice President, Data Science,

Conference Co-Chairs

Rob Stone

CEO, Market Strategies

Networking & Recreation

Tour Olympic Park
Explore the site for bobsleigh, skeleton, luge, ski jumping and other events at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Check out Historic Main Street
There are plenty of shops, art galleries and historic buildings to discover in this charming old mining town.

at one of several superb courses nearby.
  • Comments from Attendees of the 2015 CASRO Annual Conference in Miami

  • The venue, the networking, and the camaraderie were all great.

  • Topics were really interesting. Speakers were brilliant.

  • Insightful sessions and great networking opportunities.

  • Great speakers, very well organized and good networking.

  • Very informative and I really liked the back-and-forth dialogue.

  • The quality of the attendees and functions were top notch.

  • It was nice that each company was only represented by a few people, so that with every new interaction you were able to learn about a new organization.

  • Excellent organization, and everybody could participate totally, it had a good communication atmosphere.

  • High quality speakers and the right balance of content and networking.

  • Appreciated that there was effort to get people into the exhibit hall.

  • One of the best CASRO conferences I've been to.

  • Although not every topic was one that applied to me, I appreciated the great variety.

  • Had a broad and interesting array of topics and speakers.

  • Great presentations and speakers. Schedule worked well. Hotel was beautiful.

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Monday, October 24
6:30 p.m. – Welcome Reception (Sponsored by Critical Mix)
Tuesday, October 25
7:30 a.m. – Registration/Continental Breakfast with Exhibitors – sponsored by Askia
8:25 a.m. – Welcome
· David Shanker, CEO, The Americas, Lightspeed; Conference Co-Chair
· Rob Stone, CEO, Market Strategies International; Conference Co-Chair
8:50 a.m. – Stuck in the Middle With You: How Did We Get Where We Are (Politically), and What Will It Take to Get Out?
Michael Smerconish’s daily interaction with his viewers and listeners across the country gives him a grassroots perspective on the critical matters facing our country from the state of our economy, the budget deficit, the future of health care and immigration to the divisiveness of political partisanship and civil discourse across the country. Using the perfect blend of analysis and humor, he delivers an engaging, thought-provoking and balanced dialogue on today’s issues, the 2016 Presidential election and the possible long-term implications of the polarization in politics over the coming years.
· Michael Smerconish, Host/Commentator, CNN; Author; Columnist
9:50 a.m. – Welcome—Diane Bowers, President, CASRO
9:55 a.m. – What’s Next to Disrupt?
From its peaceful Utah base, Qualtrics has certainly jostled the market research space during its past decade of dizzying growth. Who better to discuss the next technology/methodology/trend or company that will disrupt the industry than this company’s founder and leader? 
· Ryan Smith, Founder & CEO, Qualtrics
10:10 a.m. – Break with Exhibitors – sponsored by Tango Card
10:40 a.m. – Eileen Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer, IMAX
11:15 a.m. – How to Engage the “Post” Generation
The youngest millennials are driving. The oldest are virtual dinosaurs in their mid-30s, presiding over their own young families and nursing aching knees and backs. So who’s the next youth cohort we should be gearing up for? Our presenter calls them “the Post Generation”—those young Americans born after the Millennium, after seismic cultural shifts that are defining their worldview. Among this next generation’s defaults will be diversity, networked communication, globalism, personalization and choice, as well as equal rights and freedom that encompass not only race and gender, but extend to sexual orientation and even recreational drug use. It’s clear that what once were progressive causes will now serve as the status quo for the Post Generation. As market researchers, you need to understand not only what makes them tick, but how you can engage them to decipher their opinions and preferences.
· Scott Hess, EVP/Generational Intelligence, Mediavest | Spark
12:00 p.m. –
Lunch - sponsored by Lightspeed
1:15 p.m. – Driving Trust in Research Through Better UX
Trust in market research companies in the US is extremely low. GRBN teamed up with Jessica Broome and Kerry Hecht to learn more via a deep dive global survey* into the research participants’ experience, which is one of the key drivers of trust. We’ll get the key findings from the US segment of this survey along with suggestions to improve both the UX and trust in MR. *This is a 12-country survey currently being undertaken in partnership with Dapresy, FocusVision, Jessica Broome Research, P2Sample, Recollective, Research Now, RP Translate and Sentient Decision Science.
· Andrew Cannon, Executive Director, Global Research Business Network
1:30 p.m. – Everything You Wanted to Know About Information Security… But Were Afraid to Ask
As an insights industry leader you are correct in ranking information security among your top concerns. Failures in managing the data you are entrusted with may lead to crippling consequences – a legal, financial and reputation-crushing nightmare. Clients are demanding to know how – specifically – your company will safeguard their data. This stretches from the people you employ to the technology you deploy, as well as the training and processes that back it all up. This session will provide important information and practical advice for market research leaders. Understand your risks and the questions you need to ask IT, HR and the other departments tasked with information security.
· Darrin Maggy, CISSP, Managing Director, Ezentria, Inc.
· Scott Miller, CEO, Vision Critical
2:00 p.m. – Vanishing Point: The Pivot Points of Disruption and Inspiration
The change sweeping through today's marketplace is coming not only from technology and diversity but from every aspect of economics and demography as well. The big overarching forces that have long shaped the marketplace and channeled consumers are headed to the vanishing point, and in their place, new foundational dynamics are rapidly taking hold. This presentation will outline the changing fundamentals of the marketplace and the critical strategic implications these changes mean for brands.
· J. Walker Smith, Executive Chairman, The Futures Company
2:35 p.m. –

A Corporate Researcher Conundrum: Outsource or DIY?
Technology and DIY tools are rapidly changing the practice of market research. Corporate Marketers and Market Researchers need to be able to navigate this changing paradigm by understanding when to “go it alone” vs. when to hire independent partners to conduct studies and/or analyze results. Tough decisions with big implications. In this panel discussion we will hear from actual users and decision makers about how they think about these options and get their perspectives on how this issue will evolve moving forward.
· Tyler Kettle, Senior Consultant, Client Research, Market Research, IBM Market Development & Insights

· Scott Tilford, Consumer and Market Knowledge Senior Manager – NA Tissue, Procter & Gamble

·Jacci Weber, Manager-Consumer Insights, The Wendy’s Company
· Dan Womack, Senior Manager, Head of Insights, AFLAC
· Merrill Dubrow, President & CEO, M/A/R/C Research—Moderator

3:30 p.m. – Break with Exhibitors
4:00 p.m. – Communicate to Transform
To envision the future is one thing; getting others to go there with you is another. By harnessing the power of persuasive communication you can turn your idea into a movement. This presentation will tap into lessons learned from organizations that have mobilized people to embrace bold changes, and teach you to: Map out where your audience is on their path to transformation; Overcome resistance, inspire enthusiasm, and motivate action; Understand the structure of great communication and empathy; and Connect with your audience empathetically using speeches, stories, symbols, and ceremonies.
· Patti Sanchez, Chief Strategy Officer, Duarte
4:45 p.m. – This House Declares that Machines Will Soon Own the Transactional Satisfaction Space - An Oxford-Style Debate
In an industry awash with change, perhaps the most rapidly evolving area of research practice is transactional satisfaction. These studies were often among the largest research investments that companies made—and in some cases, they still are. However, over the past few years, disruptive competition has emerged from so-called EFM (enterprise feedback management) vendors, who are replacing research services with technology platforms—and often doing business directly with enterprise clients. We’ve seen the impact of this trend on major satisfaction-focused firms in the industry, some of whom have acquired their own technology platforms and pivoted toward software as their core business. Join us in an Oxford-style debate where two esteemed CX practitioners will argue each side of the point: on the one hand, that transactional satisfaction tracking remains a viable business for traditional primary research providers for years to come; and, on the other, that the EFM vendors are destined to own this category. Be sure to attend and help us choose a winner!
• Sarah Simon, Director, VOC Consulting, Americas, Confirmit (Proposer)
• Funda Whitaker, Senior Director of Strategic Research Services, MaritzCX (Proposer)
• Carolyn Galvin, Director of Partnership Marketing, Primary Intelligence (Opponent)
• Paul Warner, VP of Consumer and Employee Insights, InMoment (Opponent)
• Simon Chadwick, Managing Partner, Cambiar—Moderator
5:30 p.m. – When Turtles Fly
How do individuals find the drive for what they do? How do they conquer their greatest obstacle? How do they take the appropriate risks to make sure their business skyrockets? The Turtle Effect philosophy can help provide the answers. It is what helped Nikki Stone find the strength to overcome a spinal injury and a fear of heights to soar 50 feet in the air off a 10-foot all-snow jump to win an Olympic Gold medal. Experience the Olympic journey with Nikki and find the path to your own success.
· Nikki Stone, Author, Motivational Speaker, Olympic Gold Medalist
6:00 p.m. – Adjournment
6:00 p.m. – Cocktail Reception in Exhibit Room – sponsored by Ascrib
7:00 p.m. – Dinner
Wednesday, October 26
8:30 a.m. – Breakfast with Exhibitors - sponsored by Qualtrics
9:30 a.m. – Opening Remarks
9:35 a.m. – Modern Leadership: The 5 Habits to Success in a Structured & Unstructured World - sponsored by Cambiar
Leaders in the Exponential Age are made—not born. There are five habits that all successful leaders practice to achieve success and happiness in the golden age of data. Embracing these habits will help you become more productive, reduce stress and drive success. Join us video-infused motivating message that is entertaining, educating, and empowering for all of us working and living in a data-driven culture. You’ll learn: Why simple is critical, but hard; Big is great, but actionable is better; the art of being Flawsome: failing fast, failing forward, failing better; the importance of avoiding thru-put traps to produce output; the 2 Questions every company needs to ask.
· Erik Qualman, Author, Entrepreneur
10:30 a.m. – Break with Exhibitors + Book Signing with Erik Qualman
11:00 a.m. – Is It Disruption or Innovation?
Who are disruptors? They're the companies changing the way we think, behave, and how we operate in our day-to-day lives. You read about them in the press, see them profiled on TV and likely engage with their products and services. But with the term used so loosely today, it can be difficult to discern a company that’s disruptive from one that’s innovative. Disruptors are innovators, but an innovative company isn’t necessarily always a disruptor. We’ll hear from an Ecommerce, publishing and consumer research pioneer whose companies have been both innovative and at times disruptive. Learn from the experiences of companies that have disrupted traditional practices and innovated new ways to engage, persuade and inspire action.
· Chuck Davis, CEO, Prodege
11:25 a.m. – Technology and the Threat of a Jobless Future - sponsored by Groupsolver
Martin Ford explores the ways in which “robots” and other technological advances are outpacing humans in all kinds of sectors, from education to law to agriculture to healthcare to management and beyond. He offers a realistic view of what the future of work—and your place in it—will look like. But beyond pragmatic concerns, he addresses a bigger question: can accelerating technology disrupt our entire economic system to the point where a fundamental restructuring is required? This next industrial revolution, Martin argues, will not be like the last one. In the past, even as jobs were eliminated, jobs were created to replace them. Increasingly, though, new machines will be able to take care of themselves. Fewer jobs will be necessary. The effects of this transition could be shattering. But there will be opportunities as well. We are at an inflection point: Do we continue to listen to those who argue that nothing fundamental has changed, and take a bad bet on a miserable future? Or do we begin to discuss what we must do to ensure all of us, and not just the few, benefit from the awesome power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other breakthroughs? The time to choose is now. This talk is both an exploration of this new technology and a call to arms to address its implications.
· Martin Ford, Author, Rise of the Robots
12:10 p.m. – Panel Discussion: Machine Learning/AI in Market Research
Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence have been extraordinary, prompting new solutions and business startups across many industries. The field of market research/business insights is no exception. We’ll take a look at significant developments in this area, focus on meaningful, valid and promising solutions, and also get a glimpse of what lies ahead so you can best position your business to succeed.
• Fiona Blades, President and Chief Experience Officer, MESH Experience
• Rastislav Ivanic, Co-Founder & CEO, Groupsolver, Inc.
• Jason Maughan, Chief Analytics Officer/Data Scientist, Pure Predictive
• Ido Ramati, Co-Founder & CEO, Revuze
• Melanie Courtright, EVP, Global Products & Client Services, Research Now—Moderator
1:05 p.m. – Adjourn for Organized Recreation - sponsored by M3 Global Research
1:30 p.m. – Bus Departs for Olympic Park Tour – From Hotel Lobby. Prior ticket purchase required
1:30 p.m. – Bus Departs for Main Street Tour - From Hotel Lobby— Must Sign Up in Advance. No Walk-ons permitted.
7:00 p.m. – Cocktail Reception – sponsored by Bernett Information Group
8:00 p.m. – Dinner - sponsored by Ugam
Thursday, October 27
8:15 a.m. – Breakfast with Exhibitors
8:45 a.m. – Announcing The Insights Association + Open Forum
Meet the leadership of the Insights Association and learn firsthand how the new organization will support our industry and your company in 2017 and beyond.
9:10 a.m. – Opening Remarks
9:15 a.m. – Our Disrupted Industry: An Understanding of the Playing Field
Much has been theorized about the disappearance of the marketing research industry as we have known it for decades. Recent studies by Master of Marketing Research students at Michigan State University offer a glimpse of our industry’s morphing dynamics and serve as an introduction to this Transformation-focused session.
Michael Brereton, Michigan State University, Former CEO of MaritzCX
9:35 p.m. – Transformation IQ: Join the Journey
We’ll tap into lessons learned from interviewing some of the business intelligence industry’s most driven and visionary chief executives. Gain their perspectives on what it takes to remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving research and insights industry.
·Jeffrey Resnick, Managing Partner, Stakeholder Advisory Services, LLC
9:55 a.m. – Go-Learn-Iterate: Transformation in Action
We’ll hear firsthand of the challenges and lessons learned in a multi-year transformation initiative to move The NPD Group from a data provider to a Solutions company.
·Karyn Schoenbart, President & Chief Operating Officer, The NPD Group, Inc.
10:35 a.m. – Both-Brained Branding
CASRO members are no strangers to the power of the left brain. Analysis is comfortable, statistics are second nature, and rationality is right up our alley. But for many of us the right brain is a bit more intimidating. It seems so…random and unpredictable, which can make our own marketing efforts feel a little flat. In this session you’ll get a whole-brain approach to branding. Understand how Power Branding principles can be applied not only to the types of consumer and B2B brands market research firms work with every day, but to your own marketing propositions as well.
·Steve McKee, President, McKee Wallwork + Company
11:05 a.m. – Engaging and Influencing in Times of Change
This workshop will equip executives with the knowledge and tools to initiate and lead change and achieve lasting improvements in their businesses. The program synthesizes and simplifies the concepts of leading sustainable change and then grounds the concepts in concrete, practical application for leaders. This will be a highly interactive session addressing the following learning objectives: Make important distinctions between change and transition and identify implications for leaders; Introduce a working model for leading change; Outline priorities for leaders; Provide tools for engaging and influencing others in times of change; Practice applying the tools and leave with a plan for leading change. Participants will have the opportunity to develop strategies and plans on the changes they may want to make in their businesses as a result of the insights and ideas they will have gathered over the course of the conference.
·Bill Guerin, , Founder & Chief Catalyst, Catalytics Performance Consulting
12:30 p.m. – — Closing Remarks/Conference Adjournment


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