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    Become the model you deserve to be

Learn How To

Walk on the Runway

From your walk and your pace, your facial expression and of course, your confidence.

Concept Modeling

Know how to work with photographers, set designers and your make-up artists.

Commercial Modeling

Learn how to become a commercial model for different brands may it be for a video or photo.

Fashion/Clothes Modeling

Improve how you carry yourself with dresses especially with designer clothes for the perfect photo.



Behind the Scenes: A Fashion Show

Our very own runway modelos sharing their experiences behind the scenes of a fashion show.

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Having a relationship and understanding with the designer about the clothes you are modeling is important to guide you what you should do during a photoshoot. Here are top 10 things you should remember when doing a Fashion Shoot.

Studio Photoshoot:The Don'ts

Studio shoots are gotta be the easiest shoot, the lights are adjustable, proper ventilation and proper place to dress up. However, there are still a list of things you shouldn't do.