I think it was quite impressive.

Santa said he didn't smoke.

I suggest paying for these additions.

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Cyrus is used to making speeches.


The factual world is often weirder than the fictional world.

I made John happy.

I probably sound ridiculous.

I think I've understood everything you said.

Let's settle this now.

Klaudia has gotten better at playing the clarinet since I last heard him play.

Ben sent me a thank you note.

Aardvarks are solitary animals.

My sister shelled the beans.

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We're not available.


We don't have enough cake to go around.

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I don't feel safe walking in that neighborhood at night.

Emily is not a lazy child.

You don't realize its value until you have lost your health.

It doesn't look like it'll clear up today.

We have a witness.

It wasn't as difficult to do as I thought it was going to be.

I took my purse from the car.

There goes the bell.

I think we're the only people on this island.


Luis said he understood how you were feeling.

Is he not a man of complete virtue, who feels no discomposure though men may take no note of him?

I looked around and noticed that mine was the only car on the road.

Stewart felt scared.

Don't be a dog.

Gigi wasn't always there for me.

I think you're being a little hard on him.

Religion was very important in the Middle Ages.

She took hold of my hand to teach me.

Roland is still overweight.

Do we have anything else to eat?

Boys and girls were parading along the street.

Tovah keeps encouraging Ofer to do things on her own.

The engagement of Mr Rogers and Miss Smith was announced yesterday.

Hilda is writing again.

I think they were mistaken.

My parents got divorced when I was young.

May I turn down the TV?

That sound is extremely annoying.

When I saw him last, he was still a child.

They call us Russians.

The posters were immediately removed from the wall.

Oh, the lights went out.

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He looked up at the ceiling.

Roberto took the microphone away from Graham.

Emmett doesn't sing well.

It may have rained a little last night.

We don't need that.

It was really easy.

You used to love coming here.


Kazu told her that he would go to Brazil in May.

I weigh 130 pounds.

Edward is junior to Robert.


I'm waiting for the right man.


"Ralph gave Rajiv a box of chocolates and one long-stemmed rose for her birthday." "That's really sweet."


I had a meeting with her.

Earle wanted to run for class president.

Baboons have a very complex system of relationships and communication, which is essential for their survival in the savannah.

She's in fantastic shape.

I said yes immediately.

It turned out everybody in the party was a vampire.

To make matters worse, it began to snow.

I don't think anyone really thought Ernst was happy.

It's the worst thing that could happen.

I doubt whether he is honest.

I just made this up.

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This car is as American as baseball.

The sales didn't amount to anything.

She must come at all events.


They're handling the issue with levity.


I cannot stop him.

The library is the meeting place of all human dreams.

I'm a little thirsty.

Earl was always willing to help.

Why won't Brandi tell Kamiya anything?


In the event of rain, the game will not be held.

I really like this guy.

Have you already eaten some cake?


I got my leg hurt in the accident.


This bag is not available in any store.


Were you home yesterday?

Find Miek.

Julia bought this camera for a reasonable price.

It was an awkward moment.

Eating healthfully can help prevent heart disease.

I always feel gloomy.

The door will lock automatically when you go out.

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The apple fell!


I have to earn some money so that I can afford a computer.

The Olympic Games ceremoniously celebrate the triumph of nationalism, doping and commerce.

Yoshio persisted in believing that in spite of the evidence.


A whistle involves blowing out of your mouth in a certain way.


Duncan wanted to have a bigger house than his neighbor.

It's healthy and normal.

I'll act as a guide for you.


Is my time up?

What are you selling?

Why don't you come in out of the cold?

How do you calculate the volume of a cube?

Pierre was tortured by the police.

You've been pretty busy.

I know that look.


Think about the children!

I'll never leave you, Chip.

Kathy refused to help Seth escape.

I borrowed the screwdriver from a friend of mine.

Duane asked the stranger what his name was.


Roy looked solemn as I told him the story.


Hello there, what's new?

They are no longer recognizable.

Any car at all will be suitable, as long as it works.

Alan laughs at his own jokes.

Hirofumi and Darren kept their marriage a secret from almost everyone.

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I don't speak Lojban

Maybe you should talk to Eli.

I am not thinking of you.

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Bulgaria is the only country in Europe where a former monarch has been elected prime minister.

Do you remember how we got here?

I want to go back now.

My father gave me a watch, but I lost it.

I just mentioned it because I know a lot of people who worry about that.

Open your present now.

Oh well. That's no big deal.

We'd both really appreciate it.

She was very shy about her emergency problem, and asked the gynecologist to please examine her.


Erik's clueless.

I understand that Vicki is on a tight schedule, but I'd really appreciate it if I could get an appointment with him.

Is that a fair share?

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The summer here is quite warm.

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As a proud new father, I gave my first child plenty of books.

I am not in the least afraid of his threats.

He was watching the scene with breathless interest.


Is Ritalynne a real blonde?


He shaves every day.

Arnold leaned down and kissed his son good night.

Coleen told me I could find you here.

I think we're all a bit cuckoo.

Will you show me your new word processor today?

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Jacobson went back to his chair and sat down.

You need a new girlfriend.

Anatole didn't want to miss anything.

I ironed out the wrinkles in my pants.

There was nothing but the ocean as far as the eye could see.


What time did she arrive at Narita Airport?

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She arranged her hair for the party.

Toufic sits in front of his computer eight hours a day.

We need someone with guts to do it.


She cut a picture out of the book.

Having climbed all the way to the shrine, I decided to dedicate a votive horse tablet.

His anger is understandable.


Let's not get excited.

You should have attended the meeting in person.

Alan clicked a button on his remote, but nothing happened.

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I want another beer.

You were right, too.

Has that ever happened before?