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Cosmere Ventures an integrated firm that offers 360 solutions spanning SMS & Software platforms, Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising to suit client needs.

We leverage our expertise in technology and marketing to bring you the best of both worlds. Not just financial solutions, but the strategies, data analysis and research required to get the best out of them. Cosmere Ventures strives to deliver great insights that unlock consumer conversions making our partners winners in their markets

SMS Marketing
Software Solutions
SMS Services
The Cosmere SMS Platform offers a wide range of services.
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SMS Marketing
Through bulk SMS, Cosmere can help you connect with your audience. Anything from message blasts to a predefined lists of users to advising you through targeted SMS campaigns; customizing promotion messages for your audience by gender, age groups, geographic locations etc. for maximum effect.
Customer Relationship Management. Improve your relationship with your customers using SMS. Reminders for incomplete transactions, surveys to gather feedback and accept support queries from users. Data from customer engagement is one of the quickest and most efficient ways for a business to improve.
Keep your customers up to date with Cosmere Alerts. Has their delivery arrived? Do you want to notify them that a payment has been processed? Do you have information that is time-critical and needs communication? An SMS Alert is quickest way to reach your users.
2 Factor Authentication
Protect your customers with 2FA. Cosmere offers quick and reliable delivery of PINS and One Time Passwords.
software services
The Cosmere Software Wing can give you access to a great choice of existing software suites as well the chance to build new solutions suited for your needs
Registration & Management

Register large groups and offer them pre-defined services via USSD. Cosmere solutions in this area span a wide range of services. Anything from SACCO management, payment &information requests to political party registration &management.

Mobile Banking

The Cosmere Mobile Banking service allows for integration with banks, letting users withdraw and deposit from their bank accounts. Finance is going mobile, and offering the ability to access their funds on the go will encourage your customers to engage with your other services. 

Directory Inquiries

Information is prime. Every hour, customers are calling companies with a myriad of queries. With Cosmere’s solution, we can help you create directories and let customers text or use USSD to quickly receive answers related to their enquiries. This can work for Hospitals, Schools or any industry with large amounts of pertinent data. 

Our Core Minds
Meet the team behind Cosmere
David Kipkemboi
Technology & Infrastructure
Herman Maina
Operations & sales
James Kagotho
Business Devlopment
Irene Wachira
PR & Marketing
Kevin Rigathi
Strategy & Innovation
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