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Run your business without downtimes
Stay online, stay protected
We provide Advanced DDoS Mitigation & Protection
to all Dedicated Servers plans from RO and UK.
*Offer available for a limited period
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Choose Enterprise Servers
Irresistible Prices
CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 v2 8 Cores
RAM: 8 GB DDR ECC Registered
Storage: 1 TB SAS/SATA Enterprise
Anti DDoS: Up to 5 Gbps DDoS Mitigation


Per Month
*Offer for a limited period

KVM Dedicated vServers

The concept of a vServer is the same that underlies Physical Servers. Dedicated and isolated hosting of several virtual servers with scalable dedicated resources according to the needs of each client. Availability of a vServer is generally quite high, because the KVM Virtualization enables a quick and easy migration of any vServer between physical hosts.
  • Fast setup. Easy scalable.
  • Full console control
  • Capable to run any OS
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Starting from 6.00 €Per month

Hosting. Management. Speed.

Do you need a small web hosting package, a vServer or a Dedicated Server ? No problem. We have the solution to your needs. Contact our sales team in order to get more information about the services.

If you can't handle the management for your service, we can do it for you. Just tell us what you need and our technicians will solve your problems for you. We can handle both Software or Hardware management requests.

We have multiple 20 Gbps connections with major providers from all around the world. In that way, we will deliver a fast service to our customers from all around the world. Lower latencies. Faster responses.

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Why should you choose HETNiX ?

We aim to make the Enterprise Hosting Services accessible and available to anyone. That’s the main reason we are here. We know how hard it is to get a professional service and how much time and work is required to get on top. Why keep all the things complicated and misunderstood ? Let’s simplify the hosting industry and improove the performance together! We know what takes to be the best, and we’ll make sure you will receive the best services !

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