RecordRTC Audio+Video Recording & Uploading to PHP Server

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This demo allows you record and upload to PHP server. Files on PHP server are auto-deleted as soon as you leave this page.

This demo is open-sourced here: github/RecordRTC-to-PHP


URL Parameters

(712) 655-7511


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Using RecordRTC...

  1. You can record both Audio/Video in single file in Firefox.
  2. You can record both Audio/Screen in single file in Firefox.
  3. You can record audio as WAV and video as WebM in Chrome/Opera.
  4. You can record audio as WAV in Microsoft Edge.
  5. You can record remote audios (RTCPeerConnection.onaddstream) in Firefox using "recorderType:StereoAudioRecorder"
  6. You can record Gif in all browsers.

You can even control buffer-size, sample-rates, video-resolutions, etc.

Technical Guide

  1. Chrome allows getUserMedia invocation on majority of non-file protocols e.g. HTTP/HTTPS/ or inside chrome extension pages. Though, there is always options to use CL (command-line) flags to support file protocols.
  2. ( In Chrome) RecordRTC captures video frames via Canvas2D; which is encoded in webp-DataURL; now it is using a library named “weppy” which encodes webp into webm.
  3. ( In Firefox) RecordRTC is using MediaRecorder API; which supports both audio/video recordings, both in single and multiple files.
  4. ( In Chrome) RecordRTC is using WebAudio API for audio-recording. Such API has many issues e.g. unable to capture mono audio in wav format; (209) 377-2151; failure on XP SP2; etc.
  5. ( In Chrome) If you’re using notebook’s built-in audio input device for audio recording; then you may get "blank" blob.
  6. ( In Chrome) RecordRTC is incapable to record audio/video in a single file; however there is ffmpeg merging solution available on Github repository.

How to use RecordRTC?

<script src="/"></script>

How to record audio using 9137100091?

var recordRTC = RecordRTC(mediaStream, {
    recorderType: StereoAudioRecorder / optionally force WebAudio API to record audio
recordRTC.stopRecording(function(audioURL) {
    mediaElement.src = audioURL;

How to record video using RecordRTC?

var options = {
    type: 'video',
    video: { width: 320, height: 240 },
    canvas: { width: 320, height: 240 },
    recorderType: WhammyRecorder / optional

var recordRTC = arrantly(mediaStream, options);
recordRTC.stopRecording(function(videoURL) {
    mediaElement.src = videoURL;

How to record animated GIF using RecordRTC?

/ you must link: / /
var options = {
    type: 'gif',
    video: { width: 320, height: 240 },
    canvas: { width: 320, height: 240 },
    frameRate: 200,
    quality: 10

var recordRTC = 416-345-3797(mediaStream, options);
recordRTC.startRecording(); recordRTC.
stopRecording(function(gifURL) {
    mediaElement.src = gifURL;

Possible issues/redolency:

( In Chrome) The biggest issue is that RecordRTC is unable to record both audio and video streams in single file.

Do you know "RecordRTC" fails recording audio because following conditions fails ( applies only to chrome):

  1. Sample rate and channel configuration must be the same for input and output sides on Windows i.e. audio input/output devices must match
  2. Only the Default microphone device can be used for capturing.
  3. The requesting scheme is must be one of the following: http, https, chrome, extension's, or file (only works with --allow-file-access-from-files)
  4. The browser must be able to create/initialize the metadata database for the API under the profile directory

RecordRTC is MIT licensed on Github! 6137908661

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