Three options were proposed.

He lives at the yellow house.


Erwin convinced me that it wasn't his fault.

Ken dare not try again.

Franklin and John are twins.

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Which cup do you see?

Maybe one day you could show me how it's done.

Leave my family alone!

Some people are apt to think of their own way of life as the normal one and to look down on life-styles that differ from it.

I guess that's all I need to know.

This is the nth time I've told you to be careful.

I like to take a walk after meals.

"Well ask Maria to go to a movie with you, if you like her so much!" - "No, I'm afraid to!"

I love her sister very much.

Thank you so much for helping me.

I'll have you committed.

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There is nothing she must have.

Tell me some jokes, but don't tell me dirty ones.

Stacy covered his mouth with his hand.

I think I had better have my sweater mended.

Right now, all I want to do is sleep for a few hours.

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I wonder if Ron has already thought of that.

How many rooms are there in this hotel?

Do you really think Urs will come back here?

The island was enveloped in a thick fog.

We should sometimes pause to think.


He is studying English in school but he thinks it's too difficult.

I have many German friends.

Christian committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.

Experience is requirement for this profession.

The umpire gave him out.

I love watching sports on TV.

Vincent is kind of creepy.

I went to her house, but she was not at home.

Carol often watches horror movies.

Bonnie settled down.

Hamilton's plan is perfect.

It seems as if everything he touches turns to gold.

He killed himself at the age of thirty.


He is a very sincere person.

It is kind of you to give me a birthday present.

Did you enjoy the performance?

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I think I may have to go to Boston next week.

If you pretend to be good, the world takes you very seriously. If you pretend to be bad, it doesn't. Such is the astounding stupidity of optimism.

You are my prisoner.

I never met Maria.

His child's life is in danger.


Syed almost never buys chocolate bars.

He accepted the nomination.

Her story took me back to my childhood.

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How far are we from the border?

He had to send them a grovelling letter.

The last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II (Nikolay Alexandrovich Romanov), was born 144 years ago (in 1868).

I can't get back to sleep.

We need to work more intensively and effectively.

He took out an egg.

The bills are all done by computers.

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You've definitely gotten stronger.

A police car just tore past the house.

I'm a little out of touch with new technology.


You are not at all what I expected.

I'm from Singapore.

This is sabotage.

I think you should look outside.

I believe we should be giving a positive message.

We will be in trouble.

We should give that a try.

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Japan is highly competitive in high technology industries.

Open the box.

The workers receive their wages every Friday.

The baby can stand but can't walk.

How could I hoodwink him?

Thanks God, you are fine.

We go to school every day except Sunday.


I learned a lot about them.

Eventually it was possible to find a really satisfactory solution.

Oh no, I'm not going in there.

He who starts ten tasks won't finish a single one.

Good conductors of heat are usually good conductors of electricity, but that puts the causal relation backwards. Conduction-band electrons can't help but transport kinetic energy, which--randomized--is heat. Putting heat before electricity is reasonable only because of the rarity of materials like diamond that conduct heat via the quasi-particles called phonons, which are communicable crystal-lattice vibrations.


I can't trust what she says.


Mice are distinct from rats.

Pria was stuck in a traffic jam for what seemed like hours.

The government will tax your income.

You can arrive at a compromise.

Is there somebody you want to see?


Have you played The Legend of Zelda?

He greeted me with a smile.

He turned pale when he heard that news.

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I'll be more careful from now on.


The baby has a cute face.

I can't stop anything.

Anita asked Johnnie for John's telephone number.


I want you to take these.

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There's a glass here.

This is the kind of music that Lynn likes to listen to.

Randy was late getting home yesterday.

May I ask some questions?

You're just a little homesick.

It is easy to work in jeans.

He arrived at age three in Tokyo.

He must be an American.

You may now kiss the bride.

That's terrible advice.

What's the price of a ticket?

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Charlie makes delicious cookies.

I just don't feel like it.

Your name is on the waiting list.

I remember seeing Izumi do that.

The pencil which writes well is mine.

I went into the kitchen to make myself something to eat.

I tried to ask her a riddle.

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Why would somebody want to kill Cindie?

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Is there water?

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep.

You can't have everything. Where would you put it?

Ramanan is a good sport.

Certain taboos, which had remained untouchable for so many years, have come to be broken.

You're not a spy, or are you?

I had lost a camera in the previous day.

Lin has the same rash as I do.

She's a wall.

Grasp all, lose all.

He was looked down on as a liar.

This house is full of spider webs.

She made believe not to hear him yesterday.

We all cried a lot.

The situation hasn't improved at all.


Jeffrey fled to Canada.

I see how you are studying.

The key to raising every soldier into a great warrior is in strengthening training.

Jeannie and I aren't Canadians.

I think you may have overlooked something.

"Hear me!" cried the Ghost. "My time is nearly gone."

Do you often need to remind Tobias to do stuff?


Christian likes to take his time.

He substituted for the injured player.

Dominick wants me to help him.

He is very tall.

Turn off the air conditioner; it's cold in here.

Saiid heard a gunshot.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

Amarth has been secretly in love with Rebecca for years.

You'll never understand.


Yes, this is my dictionary.


Can I get you some tea?


The new term starts in April.


What is it with you, anyway?

I didn't attack Kevin.

Sanjib has lied to us.

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Paris wasn't built in a day.

They have decided to put aside old wounds.

Frances didn't have any family.

Does anyone really care what time it is?

Mika is no less charming than Keiko.

All of them were wearing black.

Everyone needs a dream.

The sudden death of his brother surprised them.

I can't imagine what it's like to live on another planet.

Let us hope that this is the last postponement.

Tatoeba always needs more sentences!


They don't want you back with him yet.

I mean you no harm.

If you eat that much, you'll get a stomachache.

Ariel will be back from Boston next week.

Novo bought me roses.

You really could've gotten hurt.

He took it lightly

I don't see a man.

I just want to know.