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Plans That Meet Your Needs
We understand the ongoing struggles of being the owner of your business or an office manager and also juggling the technology needs of your business. We know the daily challenges that can be presented and have created a selection of Monitoring Packages that fit the needs of today’s small to medium sized business owner. We can also customize a package for you.

Monitoring & Alerts Alert Package Alert Plus Business Business Plus
Remote Monitoring of Networks, Systems & Applications Included Included Included Included
7/24/365 fault, Performance & Security Alerts Included Included Included Included
Asset, Inventory & Audit Scan Included Included Included Included
Monthly Report by E-mail Included Included Included Included
Antivirus Monitoring Included Included Included Included
Customer Portal Included Included Included Included
Microsoft Patching Included Included
Priority Based SLA’s  Included Included
Unlim. Remote Support  Included Included
Monthly On-Site Support Hours Included Included
Backup & Restore  Included Included
MSP Antivirus Included
MSP Backup Solution Included
7/24/365 End-User Support Included
Exchange & SQL Monitoring Included
Quarterly Assesment & Planning Included
Network Documentation  Included
PDF Information
Optional Add-On Service * Remote Backup & Policy
* Remote Cloud External Backup Storage
* Remote Antivirus
* Remote Exchange Hosting
* Remote Virtual Server and Web Hosting
If you ever need additional IT Support Solutions, Our add on IT Support services available on "pay-as-you-need-them basis

IT Outsourcing Models
There is no doubt that IT Outsourcing is the obvious choice for most companies, as in-house IT staff are expensive,
difficult to motivate and manage, and in many cases they don’t stay around for very long.

Traditional Outsourced / Break-Fix IT Support
Microsysnet’s Managed Services
The customer takes on an internal staff member who is responsible for IT.Staff member is seldom equipped with proper network management tools due to extremely high costs. Proper network management tools are seldom deployed at the client’s premises due to prohibitive pricing.
Microsysnet is tasked with maintaining the network at a fixed monthly cost.There are no extra costs, so the customer can budget for IT support with accuracy.
Maintenance work is performed manually during office hours
Maintenance work performed manually during office hours. 
All maintenance tasks are performed out of office hours.
Management Tool License Renewal on yearly basis No Management Tool Used No license Recurring Fees
Highly trained staff required No Resources Staff training, skills redundancy, etc. is the responsibility of Microsysnet.
Dedicated IT staff for live monitoring No Resources Microsysnet Central Management Console for Monitoring
On Going Administration & Support No Resources Dedicated Staff for day to day administration and support


Stressed by the choice of outsourced or Managed Services vs. in-house IT support?

•You want the option that reduces costs and increases results...
•You want to expand productivity of e-mail, ERP, Web-based applications, e-commerce, and databases...
•You need to maintain a complex system of multiple servers, switches, and routers...

5 questions to consider when weighing your options for IT outsourcing:
1.Does your organization have existing staff with appropriate skills to manage, troubleshoot, and devote time to your computers and networks?
  ◦ Can and should that staff be reassigned to the IT department?
  ◦ What impact will that have on other work getting done?
2.If you have available staff but their skill set is not right for effectively managing IT, is retraining a possibility?
3.Would working with an outsourced IT service provider bring a level of skill to the organization that cannot be duplicated easily in-house?
4.How would outsourcing affect the speed at which issues are resolved and improvements implemented?
5.What are the costs, both in dollars and time of outsourcing versus going in-house?

Microsysnet Managed Service is different: we can work with you to evaluate the costs and benefits of outside IT consulting compared to an inside IT staff.
Here are two charts that can guide you.

Feature/Benefit Comparison Chart
  Small In-House IT Dept IT Outsourcing Provider
Technical expertise Limited Extensive over a large staff
Ability to focus on core business processes and needs Limited High
Operating costs High Low, due to leverage over many clients
Performance measurement Quarterly or annual reviews Regular client business reviews
Accountable and responsible Yes Yes
Ability to respond to downtime Based on who yells the loudest Fast or immediate
Defined scope of work Limited and difficult to manage Defined terms and service levels
Support during vacation, sick or other off-times None, or fragmented Yes
Technology knowledge in general Limited to current or recent work environment Yes, extensive reach with exposure to various environments
Focus on short-term and long-term objectives Short-term issues take precedence Yes, both
Ability to plan and react to rapidly emerging technologies Limited Fast and far-reaching in scope
Consistency and quality of services Limited High
Flexibility and agility Limited High


Customer :-upendoflowers
Service / Solution - Managed
User Support

Managed Servers / VPN
Managed IT Security
Managed Cloud Backup

Microsysnet Managed services cost far less than doing IT in-house. We save 60% in annual IT costs – and that’s direct cost savings only! To do IT in-house at the same expenditure level (as managed services), I would have two really stressed overworked staff, aged equipment, and a lot of issues.

Bas ter Laare , Managing Directory - Upendo Flowers
Customer :- Micoda
Service / Solution - Managed User Support

Managed Servers / VPN
Managed IT Security
Managed Exchange

Managed IT services have given us sizable savings, because we accomplished our goals without greatly increasing our budgets, both capital and expense. Management is now in the enviable position of leaving the firm’s technology to the experts.
Bryan Flett, GM - Micoda Processing System

Customer:- midas safety
Service / Solution - Managed User Support

Managed Servers / VPN
Managed IT Security
Managed Hosting
Over the past 3 year continues Managed Service Contract with Microsysnet on our Regional Network and User Support System,
39% cost savings doesn’t even take into account the fact that our IT Network spanned across GCC are monitored 24 hours a day.
We also have access to knowledgeable, fully-trained IT professionals; this knowledge and expertise would be costly and virtually
impossible to replicate with internal staff.

Sunny Anthony,GM - Midas Safety

Customer : travelspaceglobal

Service / Solution

Managed Hosting
Managed Support

Microsysnet  is currently hosting our primary website, and because they have such a great and reliable service, I needn't worry that something will go wrong. If something minor happens, they are quick and efficient to answer the call! Great service.
Saban, MD - Travelspace Global
Customer : Dunamis
Service / Solutions

Managed User Support
Managed Network Support
Managed Backup / Disaster
We would not be functioning … at all … without Backup &  disaster recovery. Microsysnet was able to literally get everyone
functioning the same as before -- which, in my mind, is just amazing.
Ashley John, MD - Dunamis Communications
Customer : Arogya
Server / Solutions

Managed Hosting
Managed E-mail
Managed Network Monitoring
With Microsysnet managing the core Frontline infrastructure, we’ve experienced reliable, secure IT operations
-- enabling us to focus on our core mission.
Georgee - MD - Arogya Foods

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