Afternoon Delights

hey wellness warriors!   long time no post. i remember when summer used to be filled with days that lasted forever. It’s still hard to believe summer 2018 is at it’s end! thankfully, summers filled with family fun still haven’t changed. how spread out across the globe we are definitely has though. with the busyness […]

Afternoon Delights

a few weeks ago, we had our second workshop for my NTP course. (i talked about the first one here.) i became more anxious as the weekend drew near. questions like, “what if i don’t pass this midterm? how else can i pursue a career in functional healthcare if i don’t become an NTP? what […]

7 Digital Detox Experiments, Reprogramming Your Dopamine-Reward System

the day before Earth Day 2017 i listened to Sam Harris’ conversation with Tristan Harris, Google’s first, former, maybe only, ethicist (yeah, i didn’t know that was a job either) and learned some alarming information about the internet applications we know and love. the insight i gained from this conversation spurred me to think about […]

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hey peeps! these past few months have been sprinkled with breakthroughs. the most memorable ones are as follows… the first weekend of november really brought the importance of being relaxed into an even brighter light. one friday night, josh and i decided to take a hot yoga class during newport’s temperature drop (18 degrees is […]


so this is a recipe i’ve been working on for a while. sinigang is near and dear to every Filipino’s heart. it’s my second favorite Filipino stew/soup dish (second of course to kare-kare) so naturally, i had to figure out a way to make it with fresh ingredients instead of a powder flavoring. you know, […]

Afternoon Delights

hey peeps, have you ever been in a room full of people openly sharing their passions, experiences, and expansive knowledge on subjects that you’re equally as ardent about? this weekend was my first experience of anything like that and it was incredible. we had the first workshop (of three) of the nutritional therapy practitioner program. […]