Dan likely smothered Linda until she died.

He took great pains in taming a puma.

Ronni showed Piotr the money he had in his briefcase.

The job isn't anywhere near done.

Do as he says.

Vladislav apologized for not doing what he was supposed to do.

Stanly is a strange character.

In case of an emergency, get in touch with my agent right away.


I'll go with her.

Please remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

Papua New Guinea is the second largest country in Oceania after Australia.

He tells dirty jokes to children.

I'm Julian's mom.


Sorry to be late.

Devote your whole attention to your duties.

Cole says, "I love you.". Philip responds with "I love you, too."


They called in a doctor because the child was ill.

He is the older of the two.

Grace is meeting Metin this afternoon.


Tell me exactly what happened.

I can be what I am, but I'd never be able to hurt a fly.

Aren't you going to give me a kiss?

I just knew I couldn't do that.

There you go!

Nobody can keep us apart now.

I live in Shymkent.

This could all be for nothing.

You may do whatever you want to do.

Do you think we should send for the doctor?

I used to think it didn't matter.

What's your basis for saying this?

Play it cool.


We can't leave her like this.

Jayesh has a big penis.

Find out if anything has happened to Vinod.

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I'm going to give you something to help you sleep.

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Now tell me, are you a good person?

The thief was apprehended this morning.

Aren't you excited about what happened?

Friendship redoubles joy and cuts grief in half.

Nothing seemed to work.


Two tea to 22.

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Pascal's doing very well these days.


You still have a lot of work to do.

Could you please call him into the meeting?

Jean-Pierre has no idea how his behaviour affects others.

Pilar will never be able to keep up with us.

Nobody defends my country.

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He is about thirty.


Calvin is afraid of me, I think.

It was a bad choice.

Don't you want to see the world?

His letter makes me uneasy.

Judge used to be as rich as Roxanne is now.

She had no dress to attend the party in.

That tragedy was etched in my mind.


You need to try a little harder.


We were all set to leave when the phone rang.

Which is the best hotel in the town?

Dan has had the same job for more than six years.

They drove deep into enemy territory.

Fritz sat down between Julius and her husband.


I gave him much trouble.

You were in danger.

I got your letter yesterday.


Has Reiner really moved to Boston?


May I have this book?

What are your plans now?

She's insecure.

You will have heard this story before.

Will you still be here when I get back?

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The elderly man takes strong drugs for his heart.

The result of this experiment leads to our presumption that element T determines the entire structure.

It must be soon.

Polly told me to speak more slowly.

It made her jealous to see him walking with another girl.

"Um, teach?" "Yes, Anatole?" "I think I broke the flask."

I'm still waiting for Josip.

Two thousand American soldiers were killed.

Do you have a pencil?


"I don't want to go." "It's your call."


My brother is so smart and witty that I cannot beat him in an argument.

I've done something unforgivable.

Our negotiations broke off.

Melting polar icecaps could also contribute to an increase in sea levels.

Kusum opened his eyes and saw Lloyd.


The new fashion soon lost its appeal.

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You can come pick up the goods, or we can bring them to you.

Each day is a little life: every waking and rising a little birth, every fresh morning a little youth, every going to rest and sleep a little death.

Friends today, enemies tomorrow.

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Gilles had lots of fun at the party.


Takayuki recognized me right away.

Jarvis fixed a watch.

When was the last time you helped your wife?

Freedom. On my school notebooks. On my school desk and the trees. On the sand of the snow. I write your name.

If you could easily read anything in English, what would you like to read?

He is what we call a bright boy.

Now is the time to clinch the deal.

Our surplus has swelled by nearly ten percent in this quarter.

I stayed up till late at night.

Is it true that you came across a bear?

The students presented their teacher with a gold watch.


We were ready to attack.


We are annoying the teacher.

Lindsay didn't help much.

We met them by accident at the bus terminal.

Susan suspected that his father was dyslexic.

Don't go out after dark.

Robert Smith is the singer of the group The Cure.

It's pretty easy to imagine.

Kelly doesn't have any teaching experience.

It's been a while since I've seen you.

Now listen, children.

I know what Philip and Nicholas are like.

What's in your suitcase?

I told the police everything I know.

I don't think that could happen.

And among them rose the hero son of Atreus, wide-ruling Agamemnon, lamenting: his blackened heart brimming over with rage, and his eyes like blazing fires.

How cool is that?

I need someone to hold me.

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America did away with slavery.

Julie lied about taking the money.

Everything was working.

There's nothing we can do about that.

The factory produces ammunition.

"This math problem is very difficult. How did you solve it?" "Eh, I managed somehow."

I'll be sure to let her know.

I'd like to learn Finnish.

I'll be back for you.

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Tandy often forgets to use his turn signal.

He could not get through his work, though the examination was near.

That was just another party.

How many plates do we have?

Dampen the edges of the pastry in the dish with a little cold water, cover with the lid, press the edges firmly together, and crimp to decorate.

Florian hasn't yet been found.

We camped there over the holiday.


Thanks for the company.


Due to overfishing, some fish stocks are now at perilously low levels.

There is not any fear of catching cold.

I'd love to know what's happening.

I hate the cold.

Have you ever thought about baking your potatoes instead of frying them?


The knew where he had put his keys.


He was accustomed to sitting up late.


You had just turned on the radio.

Dannie wasn't contributing.

To speak English is not easy, but it is interesting.

I'm not safe.

Did you kidnap him?

I write letters that I never send.

Do you think that I'm insane?

I think it's unfair that you can't receive a good education if you're poor.

How long have you been working here?

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November is nearer and nearer!

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Roxie was very disappointed.

It's the price we pay for love.

Sandra read a book under a tree.

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I've got a great idea.

Everyone's looking for me.

My companion said that she was too tired to walk, let alone run.

His dad calls him Glen.

Tobias is really special.

I'm texting him.

Education is the best antidote against violence.