Indoor Navigation All of SnapWalk's products offer the unique opportunity to allow indoor electronic navigation to and from any destination the client specifies through our unigue pin and line applications.

QR Code Integration All of the SnapWalk products integrate QR codes at all directional signs that will, upon taking a picture of the individual code update a visitors specific location and continue to route or reroute them to their requested destination.

Dynamic Path Generation All SnapWalk products utilize our Dynamic Path Generation protocol. Through our unique process an easily identifiable line is shown indicating the pathway to any client identified location.

How Does Snapwalk Work?

SnapWalk and all of its products are specifically designed to be user friendly and work on any web enabled device. The products work through a unique interface indicating a pathway between any two client identified locations inside a building or on a campus. The pathway is drawn with our Dynamic Path Generation protocol which is then displayed. Each product utilizes our proprietary informatics platform to draw maps specific for each clients specific needs.