I saw it all in a dream last night.

Father scolded Junko for coming home so late.

Good artists copy, great artists steal.

He didn't explain it at all.


Yvonne always forgets Cristopher's birthday.

What is it you're afraid of?

I'll try to reach Gill.

Why should I share the treasure with you?

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to jump in.

I hope you brought coffee.

The jealousy is starting to darken Ravindranath's mind.

He caught a large trout.

No one believes he is innocent.

She is easily moved to emotion.

Here's a basket full of fruit.

The house belongs to him.

But that's no argument!

I don't trust the police.

They picked apples from the trees.

I'll visit Nicolas next week.

Francis has a good imagination.

It is his laziness that he must overcome.

What's happening in Ukraine will probably result in peace, however.

He had the face of a daifuku.

Whatever is subject to origination is all subject to cessation.

We tried to fight.


Dan told me the biggest lie I've ever heard.

Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one.

It's nothing, don't be afraid!

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The shop did not want him.

Do you have a criminal record?

He knows all manner of animals.

Let me explain it to her.

When it's spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it's autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

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Let's get Rand out of there.

The escaped prisoners are considered armed and dangerous.

I know neither this man, nor this woman.


He did nothing but weep when he heard of his mother's death.


Leaders establish unity of purpose and direction of the organization.

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He was at a loss when to start.


Do you have a lawyer?


It will be cloudy.

I'm crazy.

I hope Joni does everything he's promised to do.

I tried to translate the sentence "The cat says "meow" into five languages, but none of the translations was correct.

I'm looking forward to your coming to Japan.

Who's your favorite lyricist?

Jim can be said to be a man of many talents.

Many people are allergic to peanuts.

Kevan has no history of any mental disorder.

Get back to your quarters.

Miracles are ordinary.

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I haven't seen Xiaowang for a month now; perhaps he's already gone back to his own country.

Christiaan Barnard was a South African doctor.

We're going to have a good time this weekend.

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"To answer the latter question, one possibility is that all conscious beings are the single journeys of neurotransmitters in the existential crisis of an omnipotent entity attempting introspection." "I really, really like that hypothesis, and I never found it better formulated than how you did it here."


The bells chimed as the couple left the church.

Crocodiles have sharp teeth.

I've been foolish.

Bring an umbrella without forgetting.

Socorrito had no chance to tell Martin his opinion.


Clark sprang at me in a rage.


We're pretty busy.

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I'm a nomad for life.


He did it right away.


I've lost my briefcase.


I gave Trent a huge hug.

Any child knows that.

Heinz needed rest.

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Give us an example.

I shouldn't have asked Nathan to help.

Pandora let himself in through the back door.

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Thanks, Mike. I don't like chicken.


My boss rejected the budget for the new project.

Something very strange happened in Salvador city.

I wonder if you can handle this.

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I spoke slowly so that they might understand me.


Kanthan dashed off a note to Takeuchi.

I kept the fire alive all night.

You stand to lose everything.

If only you had known him! Then things would have turned out differently, and it would be better for him now.

There's been change of plan.

She forced me to do it.

Andreas is lying fully dressed on his bed.


Emily is leaving Paris this morning.


Can you tell us a little about Lois?

It's a happy tune.

What you say is neither here nor there.

Today we can't get anything without money.

Do you plan on going home anytime soon?

We should do everything ourselves.

I can't believe you thought I was cheating.

Hearing Russian makes me think of ice and cold.

She took a ten-day trip to Europe with her friends.

I'm a farmer.

He has rough manners.


The figurative meaning is no longer in current use.


I'm going to just sit here and read a book.

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The sand on the beach was white.

Usually, they did not stay long.

Mr Brown has a magical way with children.

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She is going to be six next year.


All American bills are similar in color.

A free man thinks of death least of all things; and his wisdom is a meditation not of death but of life.

She has a big family.


I enjoy it in here.


I'll be back tomorrow night.

Sedat and John both fell in love with Shahid.

Is he taller than his brother?

He will think he has been completely forgotten.

When my brother was young, I often used to take him to the park.


Do you want to tell me what this is?

Mott didn't pay anything.

It was not one of my proudest moments.

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You found her, didn't you?

Life is not all beer and skittles.

Pronation and supination are two opposite movements.

Let's race to the pub!

This is euphemism!


I sniffed the smell.

Can you drive a car?

This is where he used to work.

His courage contributed to the victory.

It is a custom more honored in the breach than the observance.

The train was full of passengers.

We all had such a good time.

I had little time to prepare the speech.

We sugar our tea.


Is he a good kisser?

Brad probably thought I didn't know who he was.

Who hit you?

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Unity is our strength!

The majority was for him.

Glen was angry.

Believe it or not, peaches and almonds are in the same family.

They are against nuclear power.

The city of Mito was crowded with blossom viewers.

Dawson worked very hard, but he didn't make it.


Thanks for the pizza.

I think it necessary that you should do so.

They went in.


It has been raining on and off since last night.

He showed a lot of patience.

Tomas has added three new names to the list.


I have to tell him off for his bad attitude.

I've never seen an eclipse before.

I don't think Mitch has any brothers or sisters.

I've never dated her. She's just a friend.

The quality of rice is getting worse.

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The submarine sank, never to rise again.


You've been told.


Everybody was confused.

I worked a bit at my computer.

There are many cultures on Earth.

You are a billy-goat.

My mom has psychic powers.