Welcome to Pickcup.

The easiest way to explore the city and find its favourite independent/local coffee shops.

How it works

Simply Easy

Order your drink from your favourite Coffee shop, & choose the size of your drink.

However you prefer

Able to specify the time
of your order, whether its to go or staying-in.

Secured Payments

Users will be able to
enjoy convenient &
secured payments

Honestly rewarding

With every order, Pickcup automatically updates your stamps (traditional stamp card) for your visited coffee shop.


Elegantly Designed

Designed to suit customers everyday use elegantly.
Pickcup is the most suitable way to find your independent local coffee shops.
We strive to make sure you are no longer standing in queues for coffee. Pickcup makes your morning coffee a hassle-free experience.
It is accustomed to customer's daily use.

Pickcup’s Extra Features

Coffee shop status

Shows you whether stores are open & taking orders, order if its busy which would mean there’d be slight delays.

Curated listing

Lists you the nearest coffee based on your current location. You are never too far away from Coffee.

Times your order

Shows updates on order status and notifies you when order is ready to collect.

Available on all Major Platforms.