All You Need Is You

We live in a world where lights can be turned on by a simple voice command, and cars can drive themselves. So why then do we still need cards or expensive phones to identify ourselves for simple things like buying a sandwich or entering the gym?

Enter Yombu - an all new way to authenticate yourself with nothing but your fingerprint! Yombu analyzes the unique features of your fingerprint and uses a one-way algorithm that converts it into an alphanumeric code and stores it in our secure data vault.

The next time, just leave your wallet and phone at home. Simply scan your fingerprint, enter your PIN, and you’re done! Yombu only takes a few seconds to authenticate you, leaving you more time to enjoy your sandwich, or run on the treadmill, or whatever else it is you want to do!

Yombu uses your unique fingerprint pattern to help you…

Pay for everyday items...

Earn and redeem rewards...

Access the gym, visit attractions, and much more...

Customers love using Yombu in their day-to-day lives

Yombu is designed to delight customers and make them come back again and again

Speedy Checkout

Instant Rewards

Hyper Convenience

Personal Offers

Enhanced Security

Simple to Use

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