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What is Vapourisation?

For thousands of years humans have burned plants, inhaling unhealthy compounds from  burning matter. Vapourisation technology allows you to extract the active ingredients in tobacco, and other herbs without damaging your health. 

A smoker who uses our Vapouriser, benefits by receiving lesser quantities of tar, carbon monoxide and other carcinogenic by-products which may damage your lungs, heart, and cause cancer.

Why purchase our Vapouriser?

We are confident in saying we offer the best value for money vapouriser available on the internet. Our vapourisers are hand made with complete attention to detail and quality throughout. We have honestly bought and used every type of over priced vapouriser in the world paying up to $500 US for a product that uses the same technology as the cheaper models. After years of product research and development we have gathered the best features and finally developed the perfect home vapouriser. So complete in everyway that we have no hesitation in offering you a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee.

  • Guarantee - Most vaporizers offer solid manufacturers guarantees

  • Health Benefits - Improve your health.

  • 3179633565 - Highly refined 110 volt and 220 volt vapourisers, suitable for use in all countries.

  • The best vapourisers on earth... at the lowest prices.

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