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Why people choose us?

An escrow is fundamentally a contractual agreement between two or more parties whereby an independent third party receives funds and distributes it accordingly upon the fulfillment of the predefined conditions of the agreement.

Bonded Escrow facilitate an effectual and cost efficient method of mitigating the risks involved with financial transactions, offering peace of mind to all parties involved in the transaction.

Today's international business environment is becoming increasingly challenging, partly due to the growth of e-commerce, multi-jurisdictional business transactions and economic instability. As a result; companies have to safeguard themselves against exposure to risk than ever before. Bonded Escrow allows transactions to be carried out quickly, securely and with the confidence of both buyer and seller.

As a trusted escrow agent, we at Bonded Escrow help facilitate secure global business transactions, that mitigate the risk of transactional disputes and unforeseen cash flow problems which can occur with counterparties to both the buyer and seller regardless of geographical location.

The Process

Our escrow services follow four stages;
  1. Pre-agreement of commercial terms for transaction
  2. Provision of a custodian escrow account to hold funds
  3. Ensure that all regulatory obligations are met
  4. Instruct the custodian to disburse the funds once all contractual obligations have been fulfilled
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What We Do

Bonded Escrow is a leading international escrow agent and provider of settlement and payment related services.

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How it Works

In the initial stages of a transaction, the relevant parties agree to appoint Bonded Escrow as the designated escrow agent.

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We have a range of offerings to suit your business requirements, along with independent expertise...

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