On-demand metrics

Analytics shouldn’t be that expensive

An analytics platform that fits any needs

Whether you need 1 million events a month on 100 millions, have a single user or hundreds of customers accessing their data, via Embedded Insights or API, start collecting in minutes and get 100% visibility of your data.

Use our elastic pricing to start small, and grow as you need. The first million events costs only $15 and the next ones are even cheaper.

Analytics should not be expensive


Start collecting using our simple Collection API, and get results in minutes

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Multi-dimension reports, any time resolution (event hourly!), less than 1 hour delay, API friendly.



Get instant insights in seconds with RT Analytics using UI and Embedded widgets, our programmatically using streams or webhooks.

Flexible API

Schedule reports, give access to your customers with their own API key, fast and optimized aggregated reports



Create unlimited, parametrized dashboards.


Embedded widgets

Embed reports to external platforms

Pay as you consume

Only pay for usage. Usage is based on features and number of monthly events.

Made for developers

Create you own Analytics platform, manage customer apps, collect their data, give API access, use Embedded widgets

  • Collect events easily in any language and platform
  • Automatically collect country and platform
  • Create unlimited apps using the API for your customers
  • Access aggregated reports and other insights using API
  • Give you customer access to their app securely using his own API key

Our benefits

Get cheap analytics and pay on demand on the number of events you collected, no matter how many apps you create and reports you query.

Give you API access to their app and gain credibility and functionality. Securely isolate apps and credentials.

Real-Time analytics are one of the most challenging big data feature. Save troubles and instantly create Real-Time insights for you or your customers. Access Real-Time data via UI, Embedded, streams or webhooks.

Finally a flexible Embedded solution, insert parametrized widgets in your own product or send by email.

Let's talk about your Real-Time needs

We would be glad to learn from your use case and help you customize your Real-Time Analytics