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I'm sure Stanley would love it.

I only did it for the money.

They got an award for good grades.

We hear with ears.

The soldiers are going for the reputation, rather than for profit.

He who loves much does not forgive easily.

Dewey is sitting at a table.

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I'd rather give up than have you taken by another woman

Politicians are always censured for outrageous or inappropriate behavior.

That sounds like a very good plan.

She felt a lump in the back of her throat and tears began to well in her eyes.

That is completely irrelevant.

Werner took a book out of his briefcase.

Are you competent?

There is not much doubt about the cause of the fire.

Who runs faster, Judy or Tony?

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While American methods are often successful, the Japanese educational system that produces the most literate people in the world surely has some lessons to teach the U.S.

They are making for the forest.

They say that money can't buy happiness.

You're my only hope.

Please, madam, help yourself!

All I need to know about life, I learned from a snowman.

I've ordered a book from Amazon.com.

She's an outspoken person.

John doesn't speak good French.

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Case just collapsed.

They provide value for money.

Beverly had the same problem.

I don't have an alibi for Monday night.

The grapes from this vine are good.

Deb is out buying me some things I asked for.

She quit her job to look after her child.

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It's Saiid's turn to take out the garbage.


He is a painter.


The police searched for the missing child.

Adlai hasn't shown up at work yet.

I'm really glad to be here and the more, to be here with you.

Don't make this personal.

I want to get there early so we can get good seats.


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Does that sound familiar to you?

They fled in all directions.


The salary is fixed according to age and experience.

As for the new project, I disagree with you.

I don't think you'll have to wait for more than three hours.


She has long hair.

Now you will die. Isn't it beautiful?

The usual business hours in this office are from nine to five.

I thought we had that under control.

Why don't you correct him?

Martin saw something behind Seenu.

He has been asked to sit on the committee.

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Sometimes, I feel like a hamster racing on a wheel.

That's too much of a good thing.

Can this possibly be the right address?


I have great difficulty in handling the child.

I have three tickets for it.

Gooseberries can prolong your life.

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However, there are instances in history where entire peoples were successfully exterminated.

I still expect Pierce to help me solve the problems he created.

They felt that some of his attacks were unjust.

Please pay the tax.

Vegetables slowly lean towards the light.


He and I have been friends since childhood.

I don't get a lot of requests for that song.

Pantelis lent a book to Judith.

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You ought to have seen it.


His mother was standing in the doorway.

I am taking my son to the zoo this afternoon.

Give the money to my son.

Clara is popping a wheelie on his motorcycle.

She asked me if I knew his address.


Eli promised Tracey he'd come home early.

Get him out of there!

It is a sin to steal even a pin.

It shouldn't take us long to clean out the garage.

Hey, I don't like this any better than you do.

I'm getting endlessly annoyed by this foolishness.

Shannon's lips are blue.

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I'll never forgive you as long as I live.


Are you lazy or just incompetent?

Cathrin has been away for over three years.

Uri certainly looks like he's rich.


When I grow up, I want to be a fireman.


I am going to summer school from August 10.

Hey, look what I found.

We are happy because there are many cars here.

The horse and buggy is now definitely out of date.

Jerald and I weren't friends.

Volunteers get a T-shirt.

Raja, stop sending me weird pictures! In fact, why don't you stop sending me anything at all.

What she bought was very expensive.

I didn't earn this.

Do you want to hit me? Go ahead and take your best shot.

Do you have some kind of hobby?


I'll bet we're the luckiest people alive.

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This office has very modern furniture.


I didn't recognize Kirsten.

Elric is a very poor driver.

The consulate helped arrange medical transport for Gregor.

Do you know my brother Masao?

Japan imports most of the energy resources it needs.

He won't let you in unless you knock the ostinato rhythm from the Mars movement of Holst's The Planets suite.

I want to talk privately with Naomi.

Stevan took Sonny's hand and squeezed it.

Pia didn't say what he was planning to do.


Birds build nests of twigs.

I think that rumor is true.

Nobody's forcing you to stay.

That's it. I've done everything I can.

Christophe flosses his teeth several times a week.


I was hoping Antony would have time to come over and help us move the piano.

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I'm really good at my job.

Jerrie saw some dead fish floating on the lake.

We know we have to do better.

You can depend on my older sister-in-law to help you with your homework.

Basil, sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano are popular herbs.

We're going to see a foreign film tonight.

Her dresses show most of the hues of the rainbow.

Do you know what Straka is talking about?

What is music for you, listener, and for you, performer?

He's closing everything.

You're so shallow.


I think it's time for us to come to an agreement.

Don't let him whistle.

Her mother, Mrs Brown, increased the amount of vegetables in her diet.


Goodbye stranger, it's been nice.

This is a superb idea.

Hey, I have a great idea.

Get us some food.

She was at the scene of the crime.

Have you tried our rival's chocolate?

Right now I'm training in preparation for the day we set off.

We didn't actually see the accident.

Vijay walked out of the building.

My university has a dormitory.

Ginny tried to stay away from Elijah.


Do you want to talk about what happened?

The sinking of the RMS Lusitania caused an international outcry.

Allah is great!

Hugh is making soup on the stove.

I am short of money.


May we go home?

As a rule, she and I agree with each other.

This is a really nice place.


I'm not afraid to fail.

I share her political position.

I thought you didn't care about money.


Tollefsen has a black eye.

The morals of our politicians have been corrupted.

I want to get married.

Put on your apron.

Pizza, please.

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The danger is over.


That doesn't sound very good.

Let's see...

Lukas takes a shower every day.

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What did you think I told them?

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The world tolerates conceit from those who are successful, but not from anybody else.

There were three of them.

He is a man to be depended on.

The hard work has run him down.

They got to the hotel after dark.